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5 new Archos devices. All Froyo!!

archoschartThis press release from Archos has just arrived showing the shape of things to come from Archos and it looks lovely. Frive Android tablet, from mini to max covering almost every desired desired size have been announced. Of late Archos have been hammering out budget mp3 players with a semi-attractive feature set but a fantastic price tag. This time around the feature set looks too good to be true especially when it comes to the, still, highly acceptable price tags. Read on for more:

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 86: Where’s Wandy?

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Gareth, James and Matt have conflicting reports about where Andy is this week. We want you to help us track him down. If you guess the correct answer you will … win something … or something like that. The guys also chat about the new Samsung Wave selection, a mystery HTC Android Device, the LG Cookie Fresh and lots of other mobular topics.

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, James, Matt and Not Andy

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New Nano coming, old problem going for Apple?

204536-ipodnanoscreen_180 There’s growing evidence to support the possibility of the imminent release of a sixth generation iPod Nano.  Various leaks over the past few months detailed on Apple blog has shown the device to likely be a 1.2″ square device, a hybrid of the Nano’s screen and the Shuffle’s form factor.  With limited physical buttons beyond a + and – set of button and the hold switch, it would appear touch to be the order of the day, and rumours speculate this touch screen to be capacitive and possibly with a simplified iPod touch interface.  It’ll still retain the iPod docking connector but just how well it will sit in the users various docks isn’t clear but leaked silicone cases point towards a slim device which shouldn’t have much of an issue.

Further rumours abound that Apple is to release a revised iPhone 4 device, fixing the antenna non-issue.  Among the first lucky Apple-ites who will get this new wunderphone-that-has-had-a-revision-that-isn’t-really-required-as-there-is-nothing-wrong-with-the-original-design will be those provided for by carrier TelCel in Mexico.  Let’s see if it makes it around the world.

New Nano Case?:

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Facebook for WebOS gets an update


If you currently use a Palm Pre or Pixi you will be glad to hear that the Facebook app has received an update.

The update brings with it selectable news feeds, revised photo tagging, support for landscape viewing, the ability to clear multiple notifications, and fan pages.

Not having a WebOS device I am unable to test it but I am looking forward to seeing what future devices we get from Palm.

If any of you can let us know of any further changes I have missed please feel free to let us know via the forum.


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LG Cookie Fresh (GS290) Review

CookieFresh-main So here we have the latest addition to the ‘Cookie’ range of mobile phones from LG, now we all know how popular the first LG Cookie was so how will the new one cope with the stiff competition out there? And can it really be better than its predecessor?

Read on to find out more.


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Mobile Tech Addicts Dropped Call 2 Podcast

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The Bloopers Reel

Gareth, James, Matt and Andy return for this iPhone App special. Coarse language and an unprofessional approach is the order of the day here. I you check your iPhone App now you shall tune in. This podcast is solely available through the iPhone Application, so if you haven’t bought it, you are missing out.

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Actually, that’s not quite true. We hope for these podcasts to become more regular and we shall make the previous one available to all upon the release of a new one. Check after the link below to listen to the first Mobile Tech Addicts Dropped Call podcast:

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Surf’s Up – Samsung announce new wave of Waves


Following news that the original Samsung Wave has sold 1 million handsets worldwide, the chaps from Seoul have seen fit to bless the world with a raft of new Bada-powered devices.  The device you see here is the catchy monikered Wave 743, looking part Tocco and part iPhone 4, and it and its new brethren will be running Bada’s latest revision, Bada 1.1.  Sadly though it seems that Super AMOLED is no longer riding the Wave, with the 743 sporting a 3.2" TFT screen (touch type undetermined), 5mp camera w/ LED flash, microSD slot and WiFi.  The new Wave, like its Galaxy S cousin is also packing Bluetooth 3.0 – the more the merrier.

Read on for more Bada bling


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Vodafone mobile WiFi unboxing video

large_VodafoneMobileWiFi_2 Mobile Wi-Fi is nothing new as we have had the MiFi from Three for some time now. It is however new to Vodafone and with a beautiful sleek design their mobile WiFi will more than cater for your mobile broadband needs as it allows for multiple devices to be connected at the same time.

Is it better than the Three MiFi? I don’t know yet but we will have a full review online in the next week or two, for now check out Matt’s quick unbox below:

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LilRacers Pro Rally for iPhone – Video Demo


We don’t normally cover games here at tracyandmatt but every so often I come across a game that is so addictive I cant stop playing it.

Although not free (£1.19) LilRacers for the iPhone is fantastic value for money in my opinion and will keep you entertained for hours.

As you will see, the game has a massive selection of championships to enter and each of those containing four tracks. In addition there are four types of road surface to make things a little more realistic.

Check out the video below and if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch I would recommend giving this one a try.

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Archos 8 Home Tablet unboxing video

ARCHOS_8_home_tablet_3-4_Google_reflet Here’s a look at the swanky new ARCHOS 8 home tablet. The main sell here is the digital photo frame application that also allows for web browsing and accessing web services thanks to the Android operating system.

Running Android 1.6 with some specifically written software, the device provides a little storage for photos and other media on the 4GB flash memory and an SD card slot of expanding that. There is also WiFi, 720p playback, massive codec support, built-in speakers, and a kick stand.

Matt’s had his hand on this neat little device already and has a wee video for you below:

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