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Mobile Tech Addicts podcast number 82


With Gareth away on his hols, last night Matt, Andy and myself recorded the weekly podcast and although we were a man down we picked up a lady instead, Tracy.

On this weeks show we discuss the iPhone 4 jailbreak, The BlackBerry Torch 9800 (that I played with yesterday!), Froyo on the HTC Desire, and three other Android devices we have our hands on as well as other bits and bobs.

If you have not listened before please check it out. As usual we have a laugh and a joke as well as some comedy limericks at the end of the podcast!

To download you can either click here or find us on iTunes.


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Apple Sneaks in Music Streaming from iDisk on the iPhone

One of the most requested features of the iPhone is music streaming, and it seams that Apple has giving it  to us. Well, that is you have MobileMe, as Apple has just updated iDisk for the ability to play music files from the your computer in the background. This basically means that you can stream any music files that you have in your iDisk folder and play them over the air while it being in the background. The update for iDisk is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and you can stream music to multiple devices at the same time.


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O2 Allowing New Customers to Get the iPhone 4… Finally

After over a month of O2 not allowing new customers to get the iPhone 4 on their network, O2 have finally given in and letting new customers to get the iPhone 4 with a contract or on pay as you go. The iPhone 4 is also available to purchase online through O2’s website, rather than having to get it in store.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to Orange

9800Torch_blk_ENGuk_Gen_AdAngle RIM announced the BlackBerry Torch 9800 yesterday at a joint press event in London and New York. Our man James was there and during the Q&A session asked the question: “Will there be any kind of network exclusivity on the Torch when it’s released here in the UK?”  RIM said that they were unable to answer the question but that left us with a horrible feeling that it would be available on only one carrier initially.

However, our fears seem to have been somewhat unfounded as a little bird tells us that Orange will be stocking the Torch 9800 soon so will not be exclusive to just one carrier here in the UK as it is in the USA. Great news!


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Web browsing on the BlackBerry Torch 9800

IMG_0495 We have been waiting for a new web browser on BlackBerry for a long time and praise the lord it is here at last. At the BlackBerry press event I had the chance to have a play and as you can see things have improved immensely.

Whether you use the onscreen keyboard or the hardware one, finding what you want on the BlackBerry Torch browser is a piece of cake. It is so much faster as you will see in the below video. I couldn’t get pinch to zoon to work, although I was told it does, but even so the browser looked great. Pages were quick to render (remember that has a lot of content) but tapping to zoom worked perfectly and the text re flow is a huge bonus. Tabbed browsing is also present which can be found in the menu and while I am on the subject I must say how nice it is to scroll the menu without being in fear of clicking the screen like on the Storm and Storm2.

Personally I can see no need for me to grab my iPhone4 for web browsing if I had a BlackBerry Torch.

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The BlackBerry Torch – My thoughts after the press event


You more than likely saw that yesterday I attended a press event in London hosted by RIM to coincide with the event in New York City where RIM and AT&T announced to the world the beautiful BlackBerry Torch, the one we knew as the 9800 Slider.

As I had hands on time with the device I thought I had better give you my first impressions and a few facts.

At present the BlackBerry Torch is exclusive to AT&T in the USA. RIM have told us today that further press releases will be made in the "coming weeks" so at the moment we cannot say if the Torch will have an exclusive carrier here in the UK. I hope not but have a feeling it may well do.


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 82: The one after the one before

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This week we’re a man down but a woman up! Gareth is away for two weeks but regulars Andy, James and Matt are joined by Tracy.

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Regulars: Andy, Matt, James and an appearance by Tracy.

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IM+ Lite for BlackBerry updates


We recently showed you a video of IM+ on the  BlackBerry and I have today been sent the details of some changes to the free version of the client. These include:

  • Completely redesigned user interface with new theme available.
  • New UI elements with tabs, new message indicators etc.
  • Convenient history review for all conversations.
  • Improved group chat for MSN and Skype.

If you did not get a chance to see IM+ on our video you can do so here.

The full version of the app now has a new name. It’s now called IM+ Pro.

To see the details in more depth you can head on over to shape services or go grab a free download from app world. Enjoy.

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