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Archos 3cam Vision unboxing video

archos3camv_intro Archos have a long history of producing portable media players. In the past these have been chunky devices with built-in hard drives and large touch-screen displays aimed at those that want to take their video library on the go.

A while ago Archos started to expand their offering though and are now offering Internet Tablets, Netbooks and also Media Players with both their own linux based operating systems and, more recently, Android OS.

This latest product that we have on review from Archos is the 3cam Vision. It’s a small portable media player with a 3″ touchscreen display capable of playing a variety of both audio and video formats. The 3cam vision also has a slightly more unusual trick up its sleeve in that it has a built-in digital camera capable of recording video and still images.

The 3cam also has an FM radio as well as an FM transmitter which allows you to use it in-car for example and listen to your media through your car HiFi.

As always, we’re taking our time over the review and will have it live on site for you soon. For now you can see the Acrhos 3cam Vision in more detail in the unboxing video below.

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Sony developing PSPhone with Google?

psp-mockupengadget-lanscaoe Although the rumours have abated in the past year or so, whispers of a gaming handset have never been too far from Sony, and now it appears that they may be gaining more substance.  Tech site Engadget has reported from "a trusted source" that the Japanese giant may well still be quietly beavering away at a mobile gaming device and furthermore this may be in collaboration with Google using the Android 3.0 Gingerbread.

Certainly the use of Android makes sense as the most flexible and popular open source mobile OS, and devices such as the Galaxy S have proved that given powerful hardware, Android can handle high speed 3D (such as in Asphalt 5) and even PS1 games.  With current high end Android devices already packing superior media and 3D handling capabilities than the ageing PSP, any new Sony device would have to pack some pretty special hardware. The rumoured device is said to be armed with a 3.7"-4.1" screen, 1GHz Snapdragon, a 5MP camera and a slide out game board, much like that of the PSP Go but with "a long touch pad".  Beyond this however, any additional capabilities or hardware (such as 3D acceleration) are not known.

Could this be a job for the Tecra platform? We will have to wait and see.


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