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Blackberry Style 9670 Review – TCPJ


As I have mentioned a few times recently, we here in the UK are not due to get the BlackBerry Style 9670 so I thought I would send you in the direction of thecellphonejunkie. Mickey who runs the site has completed an in depth review of the Style. As a BlackBerry user himself why not check out what he thinks of RIM’s first full QWERTY flip BlackBerry?

If you are a BlackBerry fan go check this one out. I’m a bit jealous actually. I kind of want a BlackBerry Style.

See Mickey’s review here.


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LG Optimus 7 unboxing video

Optimus7-main Yesterday another parcel arrived here in the office and to my excitement it was another Windows Phone 7 handset for us to review. This time we have the LG Optimus 7 (aka LG E900), LG’s first WP7 handset.

The Optimus 7 is currently exclusive to Vodafone here in the UK which may limit the uptake somewhat but it’s likely that it will end up as a SIM-free handset in the coming months.

The LG is one of the larger WP7 handsets sporting a 3.8″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen. As with all the other WP7 handsets out there at the moment there’s no user upgradable memory, no memory card slot so you are limited to the 16GB of internal storage which isn’t too bad.

I’m working my way though the review at the moment and have to say that, despite my earlier reservations about WP7, I’m really starting to like the platform.

For now you can check out the unbox and quick demo below and I’ll be back soon with more!

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HTC Desire Z unboxing video


First we had the Desire. Then came the Desire HD. And finally we get the Desire Z with a completely different form factor to its two brothers. The HTC Desire Z comes sporting a four row sliding QWERTY keyboard which frankly is quite gorgeous.

Combined with Android 2.2, Sense UI and HD video recording the Desire Z should do quite nicely for those people that prefer a hardware keyboard rather than just relying on the touch screen for typing.

See the unboxing video below and watch out for our demo video in the next few days.

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Pre order the BlackBerry Bold 9780 from Clove


Following on from our earlier post, Clove also have the BlackBerry Bold 9780 available for pre order. Why not pop over too the site and see what they have to offer?

Your can pre order by clicking here.


Features of BlackBerry Bold 9780
  • All new BlackBerry OS 6
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • 2.44 Inch Display
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroSDHC Expansion Slot
  • BlackBerry Messenger


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Acer announce the Liquid Metal


The Acer Liquid Metal is the latest generation of Acer smartphones, featuring the best solutions currently available on the mobile market. Designed for all those who live a modern, dynamic, and fully integrated lifestyle, this is the perfect tool to meet the growing need to be connected anytime and anywhere. Thanks to extremely quick web surfing and an incomparable use of multimedia contents, these dreams become reality. 

When we speak about technological evolution, Acer is always one step ahead thanks to its proven capacity to translate the most sophisticated technological innovations into products that are easy to use. Moulding the most advanced technologies and integrating them into the latest smartphone is the logical consequence.

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Sony’s PSPhone finally a reality?

psphone Off of the back of some worrying news for Sony and mooted takeover talks, it seems the company has finally put the long rumoured Playstation phone into reality.  While many argue that, especially with Sony’s current precarious position, the company should have done years ago, it’s certainly a very interesting prospect.  Whether this is related in any way to the also rumoured PSP2, the so-called “Z-System” appears to at least be Android based, with the prototype currently armed with the 2.1 flavour of the OS and a slide out control pad.  Currently it’s only equipped with digital gaming controls (U,D,L,R and the PS shape quintet) and a set for stop / start and an undefined button from what can be seen, although there could be shoulder buttons lurking underneath.

As this is the first rumours, there is no word on games – will we begin to see Sony’s IPs on the green robot or will the Playstation part run as a separate entity?  Could this even bring a hardware standard to Android gaming, the lack of which is strongly rumoured to be the reason that so few developers have so far released Android versions of their iPhone apps?  Furthermore, would this be killed stone dead if the rumoured Apple buyout were to happen (clue – almost certainly)?  We’ll have to wait and see, but certainly in a world of Android hardware blending into each other, a Playstation phone is certainly an interesting dot on the mobile horizon.

Source: Engadget

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Vote for tracyandmatt in the IT Blog Awards 2010


We have been lucky enough to have been nominated in the IT Blog Awards 2010.

With thousands of IT related blogs available, it’s hard to know which ones to read first. With the Blog Awards, will help to identify the best IT blogs.

The shortlist has been decided, and you can vote in each of the 12 categories but the one we are interested in is the Gadget section as that’s where we are.

We would very much appreciate your vote. It would be great for us to win and would very much make us feel appreciated for our hard work.

If you will take a minute to vote please click here.

Thank you.


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HTC Desire HD (retail) unboxing video

DesHD If you’ve been paying close attention you’ll know that James has already had his hands on the HTC Desire HD for about a week and recorded an unboxing video of the plain-white boxed PR version from HTC.

However, yesterday I got my hands on the full retail version of the HTC Desire HD from our friends over at and thought I would record my own unboxing video of the retail package and have a quick look at the hardware.

Over the next week James and I are going to finish up our full review of the Desire HD and we’ll have that online for you shortly. There will be some more demo videos for you too. In the mean time if you would like to ask us any questions please do so via the forum and we’ll do our best to either answer directly or via the review.

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Pre order the BlackBerry Bold 9780

buy blackberry bold 9780

With the device being announced just less than 24 hours ago Devicewire have already been alerted to their first shipment which will be due in soon although no date is conformed at this point. You can however pre order the 9780 sim free from them to ensure you are one of the first to get it.

The BlackBerry Bold is essentially an upgrade to the 9700. They look very very similar, with the 9780 having a black bezel running around it instead of the silver one on the 9700, but the 9780 has a few extra internal changes. Memory rises to 512mb, the camera is improved to 5mp and best of all we get the new OS, BlackBerry 6.

To pre order just follow this link.


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This weeks HTC Windows Phone 7 meet up

HTC Logo

This week saw the second of HTC’s recent meet ups. This time it was to show off their Windows Phone 7 handsets so I went along to a venue in Central London to check out what they had to offer.

Here is a brief summary of the evenings events:

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