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Motorola Pro Canned, Motorola Pro+ Incoming

moto pro

Motorola yesterday announced the Motorola Pro+, effectively replacing the Motorola Pro which will not now see a UK release. It is slightly disappointing news regarding the Pro, the situation has chopped and changed somewhat since its announcement at MWC in February, but at least there is a follow up device on its way.

Motorola have been back and forth making a decision whether to bring the Motorola Pro to the UK market. It wouldn’t make sense to launch one handset, only to release a successor shortly after, so the Motorola Pro will not now come to the UK. However, the Motorola Pro+ will come to the UK and is expected to be available late October/early November. You can pre-order the Motorola Pro+ from the Clove website later today. In the meantime, checkout the teaser video and spec sheet below.

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Toshiba announce the AT100 tablet


Toshiba Europe GmbH today announces that its latest multimedia tablet will be available in the UK on 1st September 2011. Following our announcement early in 2011, the device will be known as the Toshiba AT100 and combines leading hardware with Android 3.1, Honeycomb, to deliver a highly versatile tablet allowing users to enjoy many experiences such as browsing the web, reading emails, watching HD movies, reading ebooks and online newspapers and catching up with friends on social networks.

Ideal for users who want to enjoy HD performance on their tablet, the Toshiba AT100 combines NVIDIA® Tegra 2 processing technology with Android 3.1 providing both power and everyday ease-of-use. Its 25.7cm (10.1”) HD capacitive display is ideal for watching movies and Adobe® Flash® support, Toshiba Resolution+ image enhancement and innovative sound technology ensure premium multimedia performance.

The Toshiba AT100’s touchscreen provides simple and intuitive web browsing and social networking. Wi-Fi connectivity provides access to the web, while the long-lasting battery enables users to enjoy up to 7 hours of multimedia playback on a single charge. With a stylish design and weighing just 765g it is compact enough to be carried around to enjoy the AT100’s full experience on the go. Integrated USB and HDMI ports also provide flexibility to connect to devices and share and store content. Access to both Toshiba Places and Android MarketT enables users to access more than 250,000 applications. Front and back cameras also provide the perfect combination for mobile video chat and high quality still and video photography .

A range of accessories
The Toshiba AT100 is compatible with a range of optional accessories from October. The AT100 Multi-Dock with HDMI® for TVs enables users to switch to large screen HD playback on TVs using HDMI connectivity. Plus an external case, the AT100 Cover, offers protection and doubles up as a stand for comfortable typing and multimedia playback. Replaceable battery packs and AC adapters are also available.
For more information on the Toshiba AT100, including full details on product specifications, please visit

More images below:

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 134: Hardening on top of ice cream everywhere

Web bannerGareth and James are joined by Tracy this week for an in-depth look at the work of mobile technology news. Well, when we say in-depth we mean some farting and burping noises with a mobile phone theme. James has had some time with the Torch 9810 and 9860. The MyTouch 4G Slide gets some envy and love from Gareth and Samsung get heavy with the announcements.

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Full specs for Samsung Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y


We posted this morning about Samsungs new bada devices that have been announced at IFA 2011 in Berlin. What we didn’t have at that time was the full specs of the three handsets.
All three devices, born out of Samsung’s heritage in innovation, are powered by Samsung’s own new bada 2.0 platform, which brings together a wide variety of new capabilities including multi-tasking, Wi-Fi Direct, voice recognition and Near Field Communication (optional). It enables smartphone users to experience advanced services such as mobile payment, ticketing and file sharing. 

If you are thinking that one of these new phones may be the right choice for you please see below where you will find the full specifications:

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Motorola DEFY+ poised for a UK September launch


Motorola recently announced the forthcoming DEFY+ but we were not too sure how soon we would see it here in the UK. Well it’s good news as you wont have long to wait. Motorola have today confirmed the device will be available in September which means it could be as near as only two days away.

You can see the full press release below along with a video of the DEFY+.

Live life to the fullest with the latest life proof smartphone from Motorola Mobility, Inc., Motorola DEFY+. Building on the Motorola DEFY’s life proof heritage, Motorola DEFY+ offers exceptional protection from whatever life throws your way with its water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof design (IP67). In addition, Motorola DEFY+ has a 1GHz processor that runs 25 percent faster and is more fun with the latest version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) delivering a smarter operating system and better battery life to fully enjoy your experiences. Motorola DEFY+ is expected to be available the UK in September.


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The Countryside Alliance and Three UK to team up to bring mobile broadband to rural areas


Three and the Countryside Alliance today announces the launch of a project aimed at getting people online in rural areas of poor or non-existent broadband.

Called the Rural Broadband Working Group, the initiative will see the operator work with local politicians and the Countryside Alliance to identify rural broadband ‘not-spots’ and give away around 4m MBs of free connectivity, alongside the dongles and MiFi’s needed to get people online.

The project, which will also involve input from Race Online 2012, is aimed at helping communities, families and businesses in rural areas that while not served by fixed line broadband providers, do have access to Three’s high speed mobile Internet network.

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Samsungs Bada 2.0 and new devices – Video

Samsung Logo

We mentioned last week that Samsung were planning to announce a few new Bada powered devices including the Wane 3, Wave M and Wave W and that is now official. The three handsets will all be powered by Bada 2.0 and some nice improvements have been made to the operating system.

“Smartphones are gaining popularity by the day. The new additions to the Wave portfolio are the first to benefit from the power of our bada 2.0 platform; the full extent of our commitment is clear to see in each device. We’ve produced easy-to-use smartphones that will inspire the market,”

Below you can see more details of the three new devices as well as a video interview with Justin Hong, VP with Samsung Mobile Communications:

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T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide review

MyTouch-Main T-Mobile’s ‘myTouch’ branding may be alien to us here in the UK, but for our friends across the pond, it is a common and successful line of consumer friendly Android devices. Some eagle-eyed fandroids might even recognise the roots of the myTouch 4G Slide in the form of the HTC Magic, one of the first Android hits in the UK. While it may not have evolved here to what the Yanks have with this 4G Slide, some of us may still be interested with it being more powerful than all other landscape qwerty device currently available in the UK.

The dual core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and impressive 8MP camera brings this in line with the top Android smartphones around, while the bonus of HTC’s design and stellar build quality (and of course the sliding keyboard) might be the deciding factor for some.

So is it worth signing two or three years of your life away for? Could it even be worth importing from the States? Read on to find out.


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HP Touchpad may get a relaunch

HP-TouchPad_2Some recent rumours have broken and we are seeing an intriguing "good news, bad news" story. According to a couple of sources, HP is cancelling the current HP TouchPad orders that haven’t shipped yet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the reason they are cancelling it is because they are going to retract their initial discontinuation of the product line, and re-continue it (plus they are completely out of stock as well).

In some ways this isn’t that great, because the opportunity to get a decent tablet for the low-low price of £99 dollars is slipping away. Now, after seeing the relative success of the product with folks that either want a really cheap tablet, or folks that want to put Android on it, HP wants to revive it from the dead. Who knows… they may consider working out a licensing deal to get Android on it from Google. Of course, that is pure speculation at this point.

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BBM Music Demo Video

BBM Music

We told you recently about the new BBM Music service RIM were rolling out. Well, for us BlackBerry Beta Zone members a select few were able to download the app and what a beauty it is.

"More than 45 million customers already love the social communication benefits delivered through BBM and we are thrilled to be extending the experience into a uniquely social and interactive music service," said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. "We have partnered with leading music companies to provide a ‘full track’ music sharing and discovery experience that will provide users with quality music on demand and allow them to connect with friends on a whole new level."


You can see our demo video below:


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