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LG shows its Windows Phone 7 hand?

windows-phone-7-logoWe’ve had the HTC end of the Windows Phone 7 rumours recently and very attractive they have been too, but let’s not forget that the smartphone giants aren’t the only cards in Microsoft’s WP7 pack.  As well as Samusung, another Korean tech giant in LG (nee Lucky Goldstar) are also sailing Redmond’s new mobile OS boat, and their handsets are starting to appear.  So far we have the C900 slider and its keyboard-less bretheren the E900.  All are of average size, with the display likely around the 3.5″ or more area.  They both sport the requisite WP7 button layout and should, if MS sticks to its guns, pack at the very least a 1GHz CPU.  While it is difficult to gain much info from the pics and video, we can see it has a headphone jack and a USB port on the righthand side, a possibly capacitive screen, plus a new (and possibly LG exclusive) app called ‘Media Sharing’.  Is this LG’s version of the Galaxy S Allshare app?  All will be revealed before the end of the year.lg_logo-full

More photos below and video here.

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HP confirms webOS tablet hitting in early 2011 Inbox X


Despite all the hubbub about CEO Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard posted great earnings for its quarter and the company confirmed that it will soon have multiple tablets to compete with the Apple iPad.

The company said the Apple iPad may have hurt the sales of some of its laptops but it said a Windows tablet will be coming soon, maybe even as soon as the next few weeks. This device will likely be based on Windows 7 and should target the enterprise market with corporate-friendly features like video conferencing and integration with back-end business databases.

What really gets me excited is that HP also confirmed it will bring out a webOS tablet in early 2011 and this will be a mass-market device. HP spent $1.2 billion to acquire Palm earlier this year and it plans to “double down” on the webOS platform by putting it in a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets and even printers.

I’m a fan of webOS because I think it’s an elegant and beautiful smartphone OS – in fact, it’s probably the best 1.0 version I’ve ever seen. The Palm hardware didn’t do it justice and I think the “cards” user interface metaphor would work extremely well on a big tablet.

Let’s hope the HP webOS tablet has at least a 1 GHz processor, WiFi, GPS, multiple cameras and a few USB ports. I could see 3G being useful but I think tablets will mainly use WiFi connections.

An HP webOS tablet couldn’t come soon enough, as the Apple iPad is gaining some serious momentum – it has sold more than three million units in a few months. We may even see a revamped Apple iPad in time for the holidays.

It’s not just Apple HP has to worry about, as we’re about to see a slew of tablets from companies like Samsung, Research In Motion, Asus, Toshiba and others. We’ve put together a list of the five most-anticipated tablets and you should check it out.

[Via VentureBeat]

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webOS 2.0 and mystery Roadrunner HD device spotted in app logs Inbox X


That mystery webOS 2.0 device with the codename Roadrunner has been spotted for a second time within the usage stats of another webOS application. Last week, the app logs of a Foursquare app for webOS coughed up a single reference to webOS 2.0 and identified a mystery device with a codename of Roadrunner. This week a second app produced yet another reference to webOS and fingered a second device with the codename Roadrunner HD.

This second and exciting reference is from a gaming app titled Cloud Hopper and adds “HD” to the end of the Roadrunner moniker. Similar to the original leak, this information was gleaned from the usage data provided by Metrix, an analytics package for webOS developers. The Metrix data in this second leak suggests that the Roadrunner HD device sports a 640×960 resolution, which is nice a jump from the 320×480 of the original Roadrunner leak.

Adding some credibility to this rumor is the fact that Cloud Hopper is closed source, making it difficult to spoof the webOS 2.0 and Roadrunner HD user agent strings. The usual warning to take this rumor with a grain of salt applies as we can not verify the authenticity of these claims. Nonetheless, we can’t help but ponder the thought of a high-end webOS smartphone or a smaller-size tablet out in the wild. It is a tantalizing idea, no?

[Via PreCentral and Twitter]

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BitDefender Total Security 2011 competition

bitWe’ve teamed up with our sponsors of, BitDefender to bring you a fab competition. We have five copies of the new version of BitDefender’s award-winning Total Security product, worth almost £60 each, to give away.

BitDefender Total Security 2011 offers comprehensive and customisable protection against the latest viruses, spyware, phishing and identity theft attacks. It includes firewall and network management tools, file encryption, online back-up, and automatic hourly updates. New performance optimisation features help you keep your entire system safe without slowing it down. You can adapt it to match your unique needs or most demanding applications, and create shortcuts to gaming or laptop modes. All BitDefender products include streamlined installation, smart user tips, a video library of tutorials to guides you through the product features and configuration and free 24-hour professional technical support.

Entering is about as simple as it gets. All you have to do is follow tracyandmatt on Twitter and retweet the following tweet: "RT @tracyandmatt I’m hoping to win a copy of #BitDefender Total Security 2011 – Find out how you can enter too:" You can also click the retweet link below to save you copying and pasting the phrase. Your twitter name will be entered in to the draw. You’ll have to keep following us as we’ll notify winners via DM.


You can enter throughout the rest of August the first week of September, the competition will close at midnight on Saturday 11th September. BitDefender will pick a winner at random and will announce who’s won, via Twitter, during the second week of September.


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