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Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 30th November 2016 – Reeling from that Black Friday feeling

grid-bubsGareth Myles, Jay Garrett, Gavin Fabiani-Laymond and Leila Gregory

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Black Friday Wins

What have you been playing with?




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Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U3 SDHC review

p1030325The Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II SDHC card comes with the latest of USB Bus Speed technologies built in. Notable by a new pin layout, the first-row pins are used for the normal transfer, at regular speeds alongside higher speeds and UHS-I bus interface signals,  a second row of pins are used for the UHS-II signals. Their combined efforts can produce record breaking speed and earn them the title of the World’s Fastest SD Cards.


The Exceria Pro UHS-II has been available in 16 and 32GB capacities for some time, now Toshiba have expanded their catalogue with both 64 and 128GB options.

Toshiba claims the card can provide up to 260 MB/s read and 240 MB/s write. In addition, the card also manages 95 MB/s read and 90 MB/s write speed in UHS-I mode. By comparison, standard SD speeds are expected to be around 23 MB/s reading and writing.

Perhaps it’s Windows 10, however using newer Sandisk USB 3.0 Card reader, optimised to read UHS-II speeds I struggled to get anywhere near the speeds quoted on the packaging.

Whilst photographers rejoice in these speeds for photo and video capture, alongside a speedy transfer off the card, there are other utilities for an SD card of this nature. SD Cards are going in size and becoming massive portable storage options. Using this card in a portable Network Attached Storage (NAS) sees smooth streaming of a 1080p video to a smartphone or tablet when travelling.


The Toshiba Exceria Pro comes with a 5 year warranty and is X-ray proof ISO7816-1 compatible. And whilst the pricing isn’t the cheapest, 16GB – £38.32, 32GB – £73.58, 64 GB – £121.43, 128 GB – £241.62, Toshiba is still undercutting some of the competition from Sandisk and Lexar. Don’t forget to pick up a UHS-II SD Reader/Writer to get the most out of this, if you can.

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smanos Launch Smart Home Panoramic Camera in the UK

s3Smart home security experts, smanos, today launch the UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD Camera as a new addition to its comprehensive range of easy-to-use smart home security products. smanos were recently awarded ‘Best Smart Home Brand’ by the Distree Diamond Awards at the event in March 2016, gaining recognition and praise from retailers and distributors alike.


Available separately or as an add-on to existing smanos home security systems, the new UFO Panoramic WiFi HD Camera utilises surveillance-grade fisheye lens technology, superior night vision and accurate motion detection to bring clarity, immersive vision and ease of use to home monitoring. Add more security and improve your home with the products and services of an electric residential gates installer.

The smanos UFO can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or any flat surface (with a desk stand) and provides three selectable HD views: a 360-degree bird’s eye view, a 180-degree panoramic view and an auto-corrected 90-degree quad view. By using an iPhone or Android smartphone, homeowners can zoom in and out digitally and view the scene anywhere, anytime. The footage is stored on-site (via an optional microSD® memory card), and can be accessed, shared and archived remotely via the cloud. Fee-based cloud storage options will be available shortly after the launch.


“Our new camera has a sleek and discreet design that blends in well with typical home furnishings, and adds a powerful security option to the existing smanos system,” said Brian Borghardt, General Manager of smanos. “Today’s homeowners live versatile and mobile lifestyles, so we are constantly innovating exciting new products to provide convenience and also peace of mind that their homes are protected both inside and out.”

The smanos UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD Camera is now available in the UK at an RRP of £149, from and other retailers.

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Magic Cable Lightning/Micro Connector Review

magic-cable-goldGadJet has sent over a fantastic solution for the people who have to carry a lightning cable and a micro USB cable. Perhaps you may have an iPad and an Android phone, or the other way around and you don’t fancy to carrying two different cables to be able to charge both devices.

The concept cable of the magic cable has taken it to the extreme and build something that is not only convenient but appears to be highly durable.

Measuring in at 1.2 metres the cable is long enough for most needs. The cable is built last with the fishnet design, an almost rope feel that is both hard wearing and quite rigid. Whilst I have already mentioned this is durable, it’s also anti-tangle, so rolling it up on your knuckles and throwing it in the bag will see you not having to spend precious moments untangling it when needed.


In addition, the ends of the cable are solidly put together with a winning combination of plastic and aluminium to provide a robust connection that’s not going to fray for a long time.


The clever part of the cable is undoubtedly the micro USB connector with the lightning connection added to the top. Whilst it sounds a little cobbled together in words the actual end result is clear and obvious. The connector fits into both devices without a fuss however it does bring back the old fashioned micro USB annoyance of getting it the right way round. A reminder as to why USB-C and lightning cables or so great in the first place. GadJet have handily put their logo on one side of the connector and you can easily navigate in daylight, however, just a small indentation or nub on the connector would have been one of the handiest things when the lights go out.

The magic table comes in two different colours,  red and silver or black and gold.  Both have a premium look and feel.


In addition to charging, the cable also transfers data for syncing and copying information to and from your device.  The USB connector appears to be USB 2.0, as oppose 3.0, so speed is not the focus of this cable.  I’m pretty sure it’s fair to say that not many people use a cable to sync the device to the computer anymore.

The magic cable is a great addition to anyone’s load out if they travel, have an Apple device and maybe a backup battery that requires microUSB. Two-in-one devices are usually badly made or thrown together to try and make a quick couple of quid, however, the magic cable is at the other end of the spectrum. Certainly, a cost £10 for one cable is quite steep however, this is going to last you a long time and when you factor in the costs of purchasing both a lightning cable and micro USB cable it’s not that much more to pay.

Grab one from Gadjet here.

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Check out reichelt for Black Friday deals

r-2Nab yourself a bargain and don’t miss out some of the best Black Friday deals with savings across tech, gadgets, computing, home security and much more.

I addition, UK delivery costs have been reduced starting from £4.99 – another great saving for all your Black Friday orders.

Newly launched online retailer for industrial and consumer electronics,, offers a range of tools, components, tech accessories and more.

Visit for more Black Friday bargains.

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Inateck Black Friday offerings

2016-11-25-7Inateck have some seriously cheap deals for you today. It including a digital scale for £0.11  and a USB car charger for £0.15.


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ADAM elements presents new products for Christmas

adam_elements_iklips_duoJust in time for Christmas, ADAM elements has released a range of intelligently designed gadgets including the elegant USB-C car charger CASA CO³, the Lightning flash drive iKlips DUO+ and the iinCLOAK 7, a BPA-free case specifically designed for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iKlips DUO+: advanced flash storage and file transfer solution for iOS devices
Many users frequently struggle with the storage limitations of their iPhone and iPad. The iKlips DUO+ thus makes for an ideal companion that not only extends the available storage on either iOS device by up to 128 GB, but thanks to its Lightning / USB-A dual interface also enables users to effortlessly move, copy and share data with their desktop computers. This way, they can take their entire HD movie collection with them on flights or record hours of 4K video without running out of memory space. The iKlips DUO+ is fully MFi-certified by Apple and therefore adheres to
strict performance and manufacturing standards. Thanks to its compact design, iKlips DUO+ is compatible with even the thickest iPhone cases. It comes in five different colours and three storage sizes – 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.


CASA CO³: all-in-one car charger with a sleek design
With the CASA CO³, ADAM elements makes sure that your devices never run low on battery. The intelligently designed car charger features a USB-C and two dual USB ports that enable users to charge mobile devices while driving. For those among you who rarely travel with just one device, this means that neither your iPhone, iPad nor your MacBook will be left behind on the road – all can be charged simultaneously. Moreover, CASA CO³ is equipped with QuickCharge 3.0 technology, allowing it to charge each device up to four times faster than conventional car chargers. To prevent dangers such as overheating, short circuits or high currents, the CASA CO³ features multiple protective failsafe designs and high quality electronics. With its slick exterior made from a black polycarbonate blend, the car charger fits perfectly in any vehicle.


iinCLOAK 7: elegantly hugs every curve of your iPhone 7 or 7+
The iinCLOAK 7 case and protective screens have been specifically designed for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It is made from tough elastic and tactile BPA free PET that, while keeping it from slipping out of your hands or sliding around in your pocket, also gives your iPhone a luxurious, high-fashion style. To prevent the case from getting brittle over time, the case is refined with UV protection. Moreover, patented coatings on the case and protective screens self-repair micro fine scratch marks. To prevent the case from building up dust, it has been especially designed to easily snap on to and off the iPhone.


CASA: premium adapters and cables
The CASA  line by ADAM elements offers robust and exquisitely designed cables and adapters to users of MacBooks and other USB-C devices. The USB-A-to-USB-C adapter CASA F13, for example, allows users to connect a mouse, keyboard, printer or any other standard USB-A peripheral with the latest MacBook or other computers with USB-C connectors. The CASA HDMI and VGA adapters, on the other hand, are perfect for connecting the MacBook and other USB-C devices to computer monitors, TVs or projectors.

All items mentioned can be ordered from the Taiwan-based ADAM Store.

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Venturer EliteWin S Unboxing

image11The new Venturer 2-in-1 Mini Notebook is ideal as a first computer for students heading to secondary school, college, university or even home use. Like the earlier model, the new 2-in-1 Mini Notebook is equipped with Windows 10 and Office 365 and the EliteWin S has a total 96GB of memory (32GB Flash memory plus a 64GB Micro SD Card included free of charge), vastly improving its storage capacity.

With the new sleek soft touch, lightweight design with soft curved edges, and long battery life, the EliteWin S 11KT is ideal for work or entertainment on the go with up to 8 hours usage whilst travelling.

Unlike other more expensive tablets on the market, the Venturer convertible notebook is equipped with a detachable smart keyboard that has a pressure sensing trackpad which clips on magnetically so it can be used as a stand-alone tablet or quickly transformed into a working laptop, making it easier to type, work and surf the internet.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Virtual Reality Entertainment with the New Cygnett VR- GW 360° Headset

vrYour days of passive spectating are numbered with the launch of the new Cygnett Gateway VR Headset. You can now easily immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality Entertainment by simply placing your smartphone into the device. A whole world awaits you full of new, innovative viewing and entertainment fun as you utilise VR technology in a simple to use yet effective form.

Slip the comfortable Gateway VR headset over your head, adjust the elasticated straps to fit you perfectly, adjust the dual lenses according to your eyes and start to lose yourself in this new world of virtual reality. The lenses are fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally as well as from a dual focus stand point allowing a clear and fully immersive experience and the breathable face cushioning ensures comfort for extended viewing sessions.

The Cygnett VR headset enables you to feel you really are part of the environment like never before with a full 360° viewing angle, whether you’re feeling the rush of adrenalin skiing down the slopes of a black run or the thrill of plummeting from 12,000ft with only a parachute on your back. Still feeling adventurous? Tour places you have never visited whilst you travel round the globe – stand at the top of The Grand Canyon, gaze up at The Eiffel Tower or support your child’s learning with a trip to the Natural History Museum. You can even virtually walk through your new home before it’s built using the Gateway VR headset.

No need to go to the expense or hassle of visiting your local cinema either; you can watch 3D videos and movies in a perfectly clear high-resolution image from the comfort of your own couch. Feel like Rihanna standing on the stage almost able to reach out and touch your audience or view the goings on in a TV recording studio as you watch everyone from the audience to the TV crew react to the presenter.

Used in conjunction with your favourite interactive VR games, gaming fans will find themselves completely absorbed from every angle and can experience the excitement and pressure on a whole new level.

Through the new Gateway VR Headset you will also be able to access your phone files, photos and videos through the linked App like never before. This new feature is set to become increasingly popular and an area of huge growth and expansion.

The Gateway VR headset features a flip down hatch with a magnetic closure system so that your smartphone can be easily loaded into the headset. This flip down system also allows easy access to charging at either end of the device. When your smartphone is placed inside the unit it is supported by a rubberized, slightly adhesive pad to give your phone extra support and grab whilst sitting within the unit. The Gateway VR headset fits most smartphones from a 4 inch unit such as the iPhone 5 through to a 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy S9.

This affordable VR headset is ideal for those who are looking for a more immersive and interactive viewing experience, for those who want to enhance their child’s learning and for gaming fanatics who want to bring their favorite games to life. It is now available to purchase from and Amazon UK for only £24.99

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Berry Christmas! Wraps Launch Limited Edition Berry Wristband Earphones

wraFollowing the success of the Talk and Special Edition Wraps wristband earphones ranges, the company is now launching a new version, Wraps Limited Edition Berry, to celebrate the festive Christmas season.

Based on the Talk Wraps but with a striped pink design to bring this look to life, you can now listen to your Christmas songs whilst adding a festive touch to your look! Reminiscent of a candy cane and the traditional Christmas berries, they are sure to get you in the party mood.  Perfect for treating yourself or an excellent gift or stocking filler – the new Wraps Limited Edition Berry will be available for a short time only so get yours whilst you still can!



Using Wraps earphones has fast become as much about how good you look wearing them as it is how good they sound. Not only do the earphones look and sound great, they also solve the daily frustration of those that are easily broken, tangled or lost. Wraps solve 3 inherent problems all earphones have: storage, anti- tangle and style simply by enabling you to wear them on your wrist whilst you’re not using them. #WearYourSound with pride and bring your outfit to life while also having your favourite music ‘on hand’ whenever you want it.

The Wraps Limited Edition Berry feature a built-in headset microphone and 3.5mm gold plated jack and a light, spherical ABS housing helps control the sound. With a choice of small, medium and large silicon tips it provides a comfortable and secure fit whilst worn in the ear or on a wrist. A large 10MM dynamic speaker, tuned by world-renowned British Audio sound engineers, delivers exceptional sound quality.


When worn on the wrist, the unique patented slider system keeps the lightweight heads, slider and jack plug all connected together for a secure compact fit. The cables are kept in perfect alignment and remain tangle free and always close to hand! The British designers blended materials and colours to craft a fashion statement earphone that can stylise your outfit and coordinate your look so whether travelling to work, to a Christmas party or heading off to school, there is a Wraps earphone for you!

The Wraps Limited Edition Berry is available from priced at £19.99