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New Nano coming, old problem going for Apple?

204536-ipodnanoscreen_180 There’s growing evidence to support the possibility of the imminent release of a sixth generation iPod Nano.  Various leaks over the past few months detailed on Apple blog has shown the device to likely be a 1.2″ square device, a hybrid of the Nano’s screen and the Shuffle’s form factor.  With limited physical buttons beyond a + and – set of button and the hold switch, it would appear touch to be the order of the day, and rumours speculate this touch screen to be capacitive and possibly with a simplified iPod touch interface.  It’ll still retain the iPod docking connector but just how well it will sit in the users various docks isn’t clear but leaked silicone cases point towards a slim device which shouldn’t have much of an issue.

Further rumours abound that Apple is to release a revised iPhone 4 device, fixing the antenna non-issue.  Among the first lucky Apple-ites who will get this new wunderphone-that-has-had-a-revision-that-isn’t-really-required-as-there-is-nothing-wrong-with-the-original-design will be those provided for by carrier TelCel in Mexico.  Let’s see if it makes it around the world.

New Nano Case?:

ipod nano case 

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