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Google Nexus S for a bargain price

Nexus S

The Nexus S may well now have been overshadowed by the Galaxy Nexus but if you are after some Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, then Carphone Warehouse have the Nexus S sim free for only £199.95!

I picked one of these up a few weeks ago now and to be honest it has replaced my iPhone 4.  The Nexus S does come pre loaded with Gingerbread but the ICS update has already started rolling out and you can force it on anyway. Samsung made two versions of the Nexus S. One with a Super AMOLED screen and one with a Super LCD. I’m not sure which version is the one at CPW but either way it is a super deal.

If you are looking for a New Year bargain then I think this one is a real beauty. Go on, treat yourself.

You can see the full spec below along with our unboxing video.

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Samsung Galaxy W Review

Samsung Galaxy W Samsung have been releasing galaxy phones all over the place recently for all types of people; they’ve got the Note, the S2, the Ace, the Pro, the Gio, the Mini and the Wonder. The Wonder appears to be for those who can’t quite afford an S2 or the Note, but still want a powerful smartphone that can easily handle any day-to-day tasks.

The question is: after reading this review will you be able to find a place in your pocket for the not-quite-a-hyper-phone but also not-quite-a-mid-range-phone phone, huh? Try saying that all three times, quick!


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Samsung Galaxy W unboxing video

IMG_3004 I know the Samsung Galaxy W has been out for a little while but I have a confession to make. I recorded this unboxing video some weeks ago and it wasn’t until I had the completed review from Luke yesterday that I realised that I hadn’t uploaded the video to YouTube or here on the site. oops!

You may be forgiven for thinking that the Galaxy W is a lower-end or entry level phone but when you start to take a look at the spec sheet (which you can see below) you’ll notice a few things that make it stand out and elevate its position. For example, you’ll find a 1.4GHz CPU in there and while it may not be dual core it really does tick along nicely as you can see in the benchmark video.

There’s also a decent amount of built in memory so you wont be immediately reaching for a microSD card either.

In the unboxing video below you can see me check out some of the main features and see how it performs.


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Angry Birds for BlackBerry PlayBook – Video




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Windows Phone Marketplace grows to 50,000 apps


While the Windows Marketplace is the newest major app store, it has managed to receive quite a hefty amount of developer support. At the moment, it’s still nowhere near the giants such as the Android Market or iOS App Store, but both had a jumpstart on Windows Phone. A more useful view would be to see how quickly that 50k milestone was reached – as it happens, the Windows Phone Marketplace got there in just 14 months, which is only beaten by iOS in the mobile app count race. In fact, the number of apps entering the Marketplace in the last 3 weeks has been almost twice that of the weeks before. Well done MS.


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Porsche Design Theme for the BlackBerry 9900/9930 – Video


I’m not really into themes but you may remember recently that the BlackBerry P9981 was released in Dubai that had been designed by Porsche.

Some clever sausage has managed to port the theme to the BlackBerry 9900/9930 so if you fancy this new look you can get it today. You will notice it comes with a nice purple wallpaper in the screen shot to the right, but you can change to your own if you so desire.

Remember this will only work on the 9900/9930 so don’t try to download if you have a different device, and also your device needs to run BlackBerry 7 and not 7.1.

You can see the video below:


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More on Nokia’s Lumia 900

nokia-lumia-900 We looked at the new Nokia Lumia 800 a few weeks ago and rumours of the Lumia 900 have been rife for weeks. Said to be a larger version of the Windows Phone 7 powered Lumia 800 but with a 4.3″ display coming in as the flagship WP7 handset.

No official news on the Lumia 900 as yet but a few new interesting tit-bits have surfaced of the last day or so. The chaps over at Pocket-lint have uncovered some interesting looking marketing material.

The leaked images, discovered just before Christmas were billed as the Nokia Lumia 800 coming in an array of new colours – yellow and white if you are interested.

However Pocket-lint believes, on closer inspection, that the marketing images found by French site MonWindowsPhone are in fact of the Nokia Lumia 900, not the Lumia 800.

Head over to Pocket-lint to see more.


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Christmas Gadgets


As it’s Boxing Day and like half the world I’ll be spending time with the family I thought I would kick off a post that maybe (hopefully) leads to a little feedback from readers.

What did you get for Christmas?

Leading up to Christmas I had dozens of emails from readers looking for advice on which new mobile to buy for a loved-one or even for themselves. I expect the mobile networks would have been inundated with news connections yesterday!

So if you’re one of those people that picked up a new mobile for xmas, what did you get? Happy with your gift/purchase? The first 24 hours with a new gadget are always the most ‘interesting’! 🙂

No new mobiles tracyandmatt household this year. Tracy bought me a new coffee machine and, as a really unusual gift, shares in the Disney Corporation. Tracy got a new keyboard for her iMac and some new Wii games but we’ve been rather devoid of gadgets this year. We need to share in your gadget euphoria!


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Merry Christmas from the tracyandmatt team


It doesn’t seem five minutes since last Christmas but here we are again, another year older!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Merry Christmas to you all and a big thanks for visiting the site daily or watching our videos on YouTube. It means the world to us.

Also a big thanks to all the UK networks and device manufactures that supply us with all the phones for review, and not forgetting Clove Technology and The Smartphone Centre who we work closely with and who do a sterling job.

We also couldn’t do it without our dedicated team, who all do the reviews for the love of it, so big love to Vince, Patrick, Chris, Luke and Gareth. (And Matt I suppose!)

So have a great Christmas day and all the best for the New Year.


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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Hands On Video


Yet another BlackBerry Bold running the latest OS version to add to the range. This time the Bold 9790 is the follow on from the 9700/9780 series but brings us some beefed up specs and a 2.45 inch touch screen.

First launched in Indonesia last month this new Bold caused quite a storm and I’m pretty sure we will see millions of these devices in the hands of both business men/women as well as general mobile users.

It feels good, it looks good and with my limited usage it performs like a dream.

You can see our hands on video below where I also compare it to the other current BlackBerry Smartphone’s on the market.


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