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White iPhone 4 thicker than the black

whiteiphone4 This is one of those odd titbits that popped up on my radar this morning and initially I was like ‘So what!?’ however, upon reflection it’s not only a bit curious but also potentially annoying.

Despite the iPhone 4 being announced last year and a delay of close to 10 months the white iPhone 4 model went on sale here in the UK this past week. Even the Apple website say ‘Finally!’.

So it turns out that the white iPhone 4 is actually 0.2mm thicker than the black model, the difference caused by the white glass on the front and rear being 0.1mm thicker each. No big deal I hear many of you say, and in itself I would agree. BUT, where the annoyance lies is in that quite a few of the cases designed for iPhone 4 wont fit the white model, particularly the more rigid plastic cases.

0.2mm doesn’t sound like a lot but the difference is visible when you look at the two side-by-side and is enough to mean that a number of cases manufacturers may end up back at the drawing board!


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Google Docs Android App hits

oKmoVA dedicated Google Docs application has finally been released on the Android Market by Google, for all devices with Android 2.1 or above. The app allows access for documents, images, text, spread sheets, and presentations. It also boasts a built-in OCR (optical character recognition) feature, which converts pictures to text. The application also supports account syncing. It isn’t a full fledged office application yet, but it is a good start for a long awaited feature.

Get it here.

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BlackBerry Protect – Demo Video


We have mentioned BlackBerry Protect a few times on the site and podcast so I thought it was about time I showed those of you that don’t have it yet what you are missing out on. The app is free to download from BlackBerry App World so if you own a BlackBerry and value both the device and its data I would highly recommend downloading it today.

There is nothing worse than losing all your contacts and calendar so BlackBerry Protect will sync your information to the cloud as a back up.

If you lose your BlackBerry Smartphone or have it stolen the app will greatly improve your chances of locating it. Failing that you can remotely wipe the device, not before sending the criminal a rude message though!


Check out the video below:

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Toshiba Tab specs finally Revealed

regza_toshiba_tabletFor a few months now, many have been waiting anxiously for the official announcement of the Toshiba Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet that has been teased since CES. We now have the announcement from Toshiba of the 10.1-Inch Honeycomb Tablet dubbed, "Regza AT300". Here are the released specs:

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Brodit ProClip in car holder for the HTC Incredible S – Video


The nice chaps at DSL Developments kindly sent over a Brodit ProClip for us to test out this week. As I have just recently finished the HTC Incredible S review I thought that device may be a good one to test with a ProClip so that was the one I chose.

There are thousands of different sorts of in car phone holders and from experience the cheapest is never the best. The Brodit ProClip holders are not only made for your specific phone but also tailored for which car you drive. So you need two parts, the car mount and the actual phone holder.

Rather than me waffle on here I decided to do it all in the form of a video. So the video contains an unboxing, a tour of the DSL Developments website and finally the ProClip in the car, mounted.

Check out the video after the break and please head on over to DSL and have a look at the many products they have to offer.

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Sony S1/S2 Tablets – Video

Sony s1_s2_01_0426_2011_2

We posted just the other day when the S1 and S2 tablets were announced by Sony. An early promo video has now appeared on YouTube and although brief it does give us a small insight into the types of apps and games the two devices will run when eventually released.

I’m not too sure what I make of a split screen tablet. Good for portability but I cant say I would want it. Let’s hope that Sony also come up with some better names for the two tablets. The ‘S’ brand just isn’t very exciting.

See the video below:

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HTC Wildfire S unboxing and demo video

HTC-Wildfire-S This is the third of HTC’s new handsets to have the ‘S’ monica an upgrade to last years model this is the HTC Wildfire S. The HTC wildfire has been a really successful entry level Android handset for HTC was available on most UK networks and is indeed still on sale now.

The HTC Wildfire S offers a bump in spec over last years model, CPU speed up from 528MHz to 600MHz, 384MB RAM to 512MB RAM and, perhaps most noticeably, the QVGA of the Wildfire is now HVGA on the Wildfire S, twice the number of pixels.

So in the video below you’ll see me unbox a pre-release version of the HTC Wildfire S, it’s white boxed (not retail) but it is the final hardware and final ROM build. I also spend about 10 minutes looking at HTC Sense and a few of the key features and apps.

Full review coming up soon but in the meantime please feel free to ask me questions or submit feedback via the forum.


Video follows:

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White iPhone 4 on sale tomorrow from Three


Like the title suggests you can pick up a white iPhone 4 from Three as of tomorrow, Thursday 28th April in-store and online.

Not really sure what else to say now. I like iPhones? It looks ace in white?

Anyway, head on over to Three tomorrow and place your order.


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HTC strengthens senior leadership team in EMEA

HTC Logo

HTC Corporation, a global designer of mobile devices, has strengthened its senior management team in EMEA with two key appointments. Stefan Streit has been appointed as Vice President Marketing & Retail for HTC EMEA while Jon French – formerly Executive Director, UK, Ireland and South Africa – has been promoted to Vice President Sales & Operations for HTC EMEA.

“The mobile marketplace is one of the most dynamic technology sectors around,  and has a unique blend of challenge and opportunity that exists to engage with new users in EMEA,” says Florian Seiche, President, HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa. “With smartphone sales growing more than 70% in 2010*, Stefan and Jon are strengthening the team at a crucial time and will further  help to position HTC at the forefront of the industry, in addition to delivering continued growth.”

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Motorola XOOM Unboxing Video


We have known about the Motorola XOOM for quite a while now and it has even been on sale in the USA for some time. Not only can you now buy it here in the UK but Motorola kindly sent me one to review.

Being an iPad user myself I was rather excited to test our Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the XOOM. The whole experience is very different to the iPad with various home screen widgets available which clearly you can not use on the iPad.

Could the XOOM be an iPad killer? Well you will have to wait for the full review on that one but in the meantime you can check out the unboxing video below.

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