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HTC Vision/Desire Z/G2 spotted


Somebody has sent engadget some rather interesting photos. Yes, it is the forthcoming HTC slider. Known as the T-Mobile G2 in the USA but believed to the the Desire Z here in the UK, this 3.7 inch Android device is what we think we will be introduced to us on September 15th here in London. Known initially as the HTC Vision you can clearly see its glorious 4 row sliding keyboard. I sense this new Android device is going to a huge seller in what is already a massively gowning market.

Looks pretty sweet doesn’t it?

Another photo after the break:

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HTC Vision Z pics


Engadget have posted new pics of the HTC G2 / HTC Vision / HTC Desire Z.  This is the phone formerly known as G1 Blaze, and Vanguard.  It is going to be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ enabled phone.  It will have a 3.7 inch display and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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BlackBerry 6 on BlackBerry 9700 – Video


BGR have just released a much welcomed video of BlackBerry 6 running on the Bold 9700. As you will see the new OS seems to run beautifully and BRG even says that some features are running better here on the 9700 than they are on the Torch 9800!

I can only presume that a release of the new OS is imminent and I blooming well hope so as I am gagging to get it on my BlackBerry.

Come on RIM. Give it to us!

See the video after the break:

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BlackBerry App World Update


If you are a BlackBerry user you may have heard that version 2.0 of App World was released last night and it has slowly been spreading around the world. I have just managed to download and the new features will certainly come in handy.

What’s new:

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BlackBerry Torch appears on Vodafone’s website as coming soon


This is what the Vodafone site says about the Torch:

If you want the simplicity of a touchscreen plus a QWERTY keypad so you can type texts and emails fast, choose the BlackBerry Torch.

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OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Case unboxing video

otterbox front

OtterBox have been around since 1998 and they specialise in producing rugged, durable, tough as can be mobile phone cases.

The case for the iPhone 4 for has kindly been sent to us by Clove who stock a range of OtterBox cases for various handsets.

As you will see in the video, the case will not be for everyone as it is quite chunky but if you do a job where your iPhone 4 is prone to knocks and drops then this is the best solution I have seen to date.

Made from three separate parts the OtterBox Defender case ensures the best possible protection for your iPhone 4. Wearing the case will guarantee your iPhone 4 remains scratch free.

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The Android 3+ buzz is Honeycomb?

honeycomb Rumours are rife that Google’s post-Gingerbread Android form will go by the name of Honeycomb with Tech Radar claiming conformation from "multiple sources", and so far Google has not issued a stinging rebuke.  While it’s not clear if this will be any more than an incremental update as opposed to the generational leaps of Eclair and Gingerbread, it certainly will be an excuse for a whole swarm of bee-related puns.  I, for one, couldn’t bee happier.


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eXpansys products of the week 20th August

Expansys-LogoCan you believe that another week is almost over? This week we have another four top items from eXpansys. You’ll also find some great deals and regular down-to-earth prices

Check out the top 4 after the break:


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 84: Welcome home Mr Romance!

MTA Banner

This week Gareth is back in the hot seat with Matt, James and Andy for all the latest happenings. Matt has some dealings with Nokia in an exclusive … treasure hunt. James shares his thoughts on the Blackberry Curve 9300. Gareth defends the Motorola XT720’s looks and Andy tear’s the Blackberry 9105 apart in a fashion reminiscent of the Hulk.

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Matt, James and Andy

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Windows Phone 7’s Xbox Connection – Over 60 games at launch

xblwp7 While many industry pundits are not expecting Windows Phone 7 to achieve the success of iOS, Android or indeed its Windows Mobile forebear, Microsoft still boasts one thing only one other phone manufacturer can boast – a console division.  It seem while Sony’s gaming tie in with any phones is still in the rumour stages, Gates’ guys have unleashed the full weight of the Xbox name to push WP7 into the public consciousness.  Over 60 games have been announced, some from the excellent Xbox Live library including Castlevania, De Blob and Hexic and others from full retail titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Halo.  While the quality of the games is still unknown, their pedigree can’t be faulted and could prove to be the trump card MS can hold over Apple and Google with the general public.

See the games here on the dedicated Microsoft site, and watch some of them in action here.


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