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EE roll out 4G to more UK towns


EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today announced that 4G is available in 12 more towns across the UK, bringing the total number of towns and cities covered by the superfast mobile network to 62.

Today, 4GEE is being switched on in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Billericay, Blackpool, Brentwood, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Lytham St Annes, Marlow, Pontefract, Thame and Windsor as roll out continues to progress ahead of schedule. 4G from EE now covers the homes and businesses of more than 50% of the UK population. By the end of June, EE is committed to launching 4G in at least another 18 towns and cities, bringing the total to 80, and aims to cover 70% of the population by the end of 2013.

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What’s inside Google Glass?

google-glass-closeupPreviously, we shared Google’s release of the basic features & specs of Google Glass. The info they shared was a bit limited because it didn’t share some of the specifics of the internal hardware. Today, the full hardware specs of the current generation of Google Glass have been shared by one of the developers who has the device already. Here’s a quote followed by a full breakdown,


I’m a geek and it’s still awesome to nerd out on the guts. +Liam McLoughlin (Hexxeh) also found the USB debugging setting and got ADB working (looks like it was broken on my primary machine). Once I got it working I pulled up some details about Glass. Key points are:
* It’s running Android 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich – just as Larry Page said
* It’s an OMAP 4430 CPU – Dual Core? – Having trouble finding exact mhz
* There’s 682mb of RAM (678052kb reported in /proc/meminfo). Kernel messages lead me to believe it’s actually 1gb but some is being used for other hardware purposes(?)

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Nokia Lumia 520 unboxing video

Nokia-Lumia-520 Nokia seems to be bouncing back quite well at the moment and their Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia range seems to be serving them rather well.

Yesterday I managed to get hold of one of their latest handsets, the Nokia Lumia 520. Pitched as an ‘affordable value smartphone’ it’s the smallest of the range and sits firmly at the bottom end sitting under the Lumia 620 and cheaper by around £50.

There are a few features absent from this model, for example there’s no front facing camera and the rear 5 megapixel shooter has no LED flash for companionship. The former may be of little concern to most but the later may be of concern to many. The camera itself is also not great but usable.

On the more positive side, true to the rest of the range, there are colour options for the 520 and you can change the back cover to update the colour to match your mood. Very important to the fashion conscious I’m sure.

So what we do have is a fairly small and light Windows Phone 8 device that’s actually quite capable.

Check out the unboxing video below to see more.


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HTC One cases from Mobile Fun

DD1 I’ve never really been a fan of putting a phone in a case. I just don’t really like how it affects the shape, size or design of the phone. However, with phones becoming larger, their screens becoming bigger and more fragile, getting a decent quality case for your phone is a very sensible thing to do in order to protect your investment.

Buying a case for a phone that has just been released isn’t as easy as if you were buying one for a phone that has been on the market for a while so upon getting my HTC One, and realising that it definitely needed some protection, it was time to scour the web for something suitable.

I recently came across the site and they already have tons of suitable cases in stock.

I picked the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case as it looked like that would offer optimal protection, ideal for when I’m spending the day in a more ‘hazardous’ environment. I also picked the Double Dip Hard Shell as this seemed to offer a design that was in keeping with the look of the HTC One.

Have a look at the video and photos below to see them in greater detail. Both are excellent, fit well and have all the cut-outs and holes in the right place, definitely worth considering!


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The next Xbox event May 21st

xbox event

As the title suggests the new Xbox will (hopefully) finally be announced on May 21st at 6pm UK time and you will be able to watch it live on your Xbox 360 console as it is going to be streamed live, you could also watch the stream on the website if you don’t currently own an Xbox 360.

With Sony getting a slight head start on Microsoft you would imagine that the announcement will come as no surprise to media and the millions of Xbox 360 fans across the globe, me included! So let’s hope that Microsoft don’t disappoint us and they give us gamers something worth waiting for! Plus let’s also hope that at this event we actually see the console itself.I’m looking at you Sony!

Check back on the site on the announcement days for further news.



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HTC One gets first ROM update

Screenshot For those of you lucky enough to have your hands on an HTC One already, today you will be able to download its first official ROM update.

If you head in to Settings > About > Software Updates you should be offered version 1.29.401.12 which is the latest ROM build.

According to the details the update includes:

  • System Stability Improvements
  • Location Service Update
  • HTC Zoe: Sound Quality Improvements
  • Camera: Parameter Fine Tuning
  • Beats Audio: Sound Experience Enhancements
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

The update is 229MB and once downloaded takes only a few minutes to install. The phone will reboot a couple of times during the process and nothing gets wiped but you should probably take a backup just in case!


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Apple starts ‘AntennaGate’ payout

antennagate Remember all that time ago when Apple released the iPhone 4? Remember there being a problem with the Antenna that had been built in to the aluminium body?

Well that was back in 2010 and following various lawsuits and free cases offered by Apple, the case was eventually settled in February 2012. This allowed iPhone 4 owners to claim compensation for the issues relating to Apple "misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale and servicing of its iPhone 4 — particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software."

According to one TUAW reader: "My $15 Apple iPhone4 AntennaGate settlement check came today. It has been so long I forgot what it was for and had to look it up."

So any sign of these reaching the UK yet?

Oh and if you haven’t made your claim yet, then you are out of luck, you can no longer do so.


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Virgin Media offer up a Galaxy S4 deal


Virgin Media has announced that its TiVo and Broadband customers will be able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 from just £31* per month when it hits stores this Saturday.

Virgin Media TV broadband or home phone customers who choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 will get £5 off their monthly mobile tariff, inclusive insurance worth £7.99 per month and unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Media mobiles.

Graeme Oxby, Executive Director of Mobile & Home Phone at Virgin Media said: “We’ve had record levels of interest in the Samsung Galaxy S4 so we’re delighted to offer our customers exclusive treats they can’t get elsewhere, including a fiver off their monthly bill and inclusive insurance. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will go straight to the top of the battle of the smart phones; making the inclusive insurance with next day replacement the obvious choice for Virgin Media customers.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the slimmest, fastest and most powerful member of the Samsung Galaxy family. It will offer never seen before features including Samsung Smart Pause and Samsung Smart Scroll which allow users to intuitively control their phone with their eyes and for entertainment fanatics, the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a stunning 441ppi 5-inch screen and will even double up as an infrared remote control.

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ACER launches the S6 Display Series


Acer today unveiled the latest addition to its monitor family: the S6 series. Following the path marked out by the S5 series, the new displays combine a design that will appeal even the most fashionable users with excellent performance and cutting-edge technologies. What’s more, these displays support MHL technology, to enjoy photos or videos from your mobile devices on a large screen.

With the S6 monitor series you can display all the multimedia stored on your smartphone or tablet in few easy steps. Simply connect your mobile device to the monitor with the MHL cable, automatically synchronise audio and video and you are done: you are ready to watch streaming video, pictures or play games. And the icing on the cake is that you charge your device at the same time.

On the S6 display a great enjoyment of your multimedia is guaranteed. The Zero Frame design increases the available space, so that you can see more and do more, while the Full HD resolution, awesome contrast ratio and fast response time let you enjoy the smoothest reproduction of even the fastest action packed movies.

What’s more, you can share an unmatched entertainment experience with your friends. Thanks to IPS panels the S6 monitors display consistent and accurate colour from a 178° wide viewing angle, and together with the tilt adjustment you can find the best position for comfortable viewing with your friends or family.

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EE Results for the First Quarter to 31 March – Press Release


Key Highlights:

· Strong demand for superfast 4G services: 4G customer base reaches 318k after just five months of trading, firmly on track to meet target of more than one million 4G customers by the end of 2013; over 1,600 medium and large companies using 4G; network rollout to reach 70% UK population by year end

· Secured UK’s best spectrum portfolio for superfast 4G data services: acquired 2x5MHz of 800MHz and 2x35MHz of 2.6GHz spectrum for £589m; now hold industry-leading 36% share of UK mobile spectrum, an unrivalled foundation for the future

· Steady underlying service revenue performance: service revenue excluding regulatory Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) and roaming cuts of -0.4% (Q4 2012: +1.5%) year-on-year (yoy) following macroeconomic/competitive pressures; including regulatory impact -5.4% yoy (Q4 2012: -3.9%)

· Attracting high value customers: postpaid mobile net adds of 166k (Q1 2012: 151k) (excluding MVNOs and M2M), the best Q1 postpaid net adds performance since the creation of the company; 53% (Q1 2012: 49%) of mobile customers now on postpaid plans that deliver five times higher Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPU) than prepaid; in-line with industry shift toward postpaid and reflecting post-Christmas seasonality, prepaid customers decreased by -571k (Q1 2012: -494k)


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