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Samsung Introduces LOVEFiLM streaming to all Blu-ray players


Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, today announces the launch of the new LOVEFiLM application to all Samsung Blu-ray players.

The App, once activated with a LOVEFiLM subscription of £5.99 or above, will allow users to stream thousands of movies on their Blu-ray player via Samsung’s Internet@TV service. The huge choice of films available ranges from Hollywood blockbusters, to the latest Cannes Film Festival nominees and even critically acclaimed documentaries.

The news comes as Samsung Blu-ray players command the European market with outstanding technology and design. According to market research firm GfK, the Blu-ray player products of Samsung Electronics took a European market share of 25% in terms of sales and 24% in terms of units sold for the January-September period in Europe – topping the European market.

Andy Griffiths, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK comments, “Adding the LOVEFiLM streaming service to all Samsung Blu-ray players and Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems is great news for us at Samsung as we’re dedicated to providing our customers with relevant and exciting content, all from the comfort of their own home.”

“The Internet@TV service offers viewers a gateway to access great content in an exciting new way, unlocking the full potential of our connected devices. Services like LOVEFiLM will offer our customers more variety, choice and entertainment from our innovative products.”

Samsung customers can expect the arrival of even more exciting new Apps throughout 2011 following the UK’s first ever Application Developer Day where developers were encouraged to create their own App to populate in the World’s first TV App Store with rich, relevant content.


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BlackBerry is the number one Smartphone brand in the UK!


According to market research experts GfK, BlackBerry was the UK’s number one Smartphone Brand in 2010. To be honest I am not really surprised. Although Android and iOS are still growing I see more and more youngsters carrying a BlackBerry these days. And you cant really blame them. With a BlackBerry data plan only costing £5 per month and devices coming in at under £150 it is perfect for them as well as us older business users.

Here are the facts provided to us direct from RIM:

  • BlackBerry had the top-selling smartphone handset in the market in December 2010. GfK estimate half a million Blackberry devices were sold during the busy Christmas month
  • BlackBerry was the UK’s #1 smartphone brand in 2010
  • BlackBerry captured a record high of 36% share of the smartphone market in December 2010
  • BlackBerry was the #1 pre-pay smartphone brand in December 2010 with 51.1% market share
  • BlackBerry was the #1 brand for contract/sim free in December 2010 with 23.3% market share
  • BlackBerry accounted for over 14.9% of the total mobile handset market in December 2010

More details after the break:


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Angry Birds Rio – Coming Soon

Birds of a Feather. Twentieth Century Fox and Rovio Mobile Announce Unique Partnership Uniting ANGRY BIRDS with Summer Animated

Calling all Angry Birds fans. It looks like we have a new addition coming in the next couple of months. The word on the street is that Angry Birds Rio will be with us in March and this time Rovio in conjunction with 20th Century Fox will release sporting 45 dedicated levels that are based around the new movie Rio, which is released to theatres everywhere on the 15th of April.

The new version will be available for  iOS, Symbian and Android plus with the dozens of tablets that will hit the market this year I suspect Angry Birds Rio will be even more popular than ever.

You can see the trailer for Angry Birds Rio after the break:

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Grant for scientists to develop faster broadband in the UK

fiber_opticsThe University of Southampton’s ‘Photonics HyperHighway’ project, in partnership with Essex and BBC R&D, has been awarded £7.2 million to create new fibre optic technologies that could make connection speeds 100 times faster than your standard fibre optics. The money, along with £10 million from the EU will be spent trying to develop new materials and devices to increase bandwidth for an ever hungry online population.

Apparently, current fibre optic limitations aren’t clear at the moment, though it seems that they’re not as limitless and future-proof as they once were thought to be. Research will begin at the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre, and although microfabrication and high-spec nanofabrication mean precisely nothing to me, I’m all for it if it means faster speeds – I crawl along at 1.2Mbps.


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HTC to unveil Facebook phones?

facebookWith Mobile World Congress on the horizon, speculation is building that HTC are to announce two Facebook branded phones in Barcelona in just a few weeks time. Both City A.M. and BGR believe that these phones will features tight Facebook integration such as having status updates and messages pushed to the homescreen, as well as calling and emailing from their Facebook page. Evidence is a bit patchy, with claims that the iPhone app developer is working on it and a focus group was held regarding  a Facebook centric phone.

Facebook have responded by totally dismissing the rumours, saying it’s simply manufacturers tying Facebook deeper into their phones. So although we may not see a Facebook branded phone, the chances are that deep Facebook support will become a headlining feature on new and upcoming devices. WP7 and HTC’s Sense both have heavy Facebook integration already, so wouldn’t a Facebook phone be the next logical step? Considering there are over half a billion active users, a Facebook phone should go down a treat.


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Motorola Atrix 4G release date leaked?

motorola atrixThe Motorola Atrix was announced in CES and while no release date was specified, had a misplaced page up with a launch date of February 11th. Although it’s on AT&T in the States, it’s also coming to the UK on Orange – perhaps that date is an indicator of when it will arrive here too? Amazon also had an off contract price of $599.99 which is around £380, however it will almost definitely be considerably more over here.

If you didn’t already know, the Atrix is a beast of a phone, with Android 2.2 speeding along on a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of ram and a 4 inch Gorilla glass display. Not only are the specifications one-of-a-kind (at the moment) but it also has a very promising laptop dock accessory, turning it into a netbook with the Atrix as the brains. Check out the press release here.


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Panasonic changes the Digital Photo market forever


Following a year of great success in 2010, Panasonic is ready to kick start 2011 with a bang as tomorrow marks the launch of the next great Lumix G camera, Lumix GF2, in a store near you.  Already awarded 5 magazine awards since announced in November, the GF2 is the smallest and lightest system camera from Panasonic, boosting DSLR like photo performance and Full HD movies with stereo sound.
At the end of last year we saw that the total changeable lens (DSLR + CSC) market was up 22.8% in December 2010 vs. December 2009. Panasonic believe that this growth has come from a dramatic increase in consumer demand for creative and high quality photos.
1 in 4 changeable lens cameras sold in December came from the new breed of Compact System Cameras (CSC), as product and lens ranges in this developing format grew. CSC actually grew an impressive 194% vs. the previous year (1).  This significant shift can be put down to the smaller size and easier to use attributes of a CSC compared to a DSLR camera – Anyone who enjoys photography can now take professional looking photos without hassle.
The good news for Panasonic is that in December 2010 over 1 in 10 of all changeable lens cameras sold were from the Panasonic Lumix G system camera range, making it the best selling CSC range in Christmas 2010 (2). Panasonic is very proud to hold 11.3% market share with the DMC-G2 as its best selling model.
To prove that anyone can take creative shots look out for the new GF2 which launches on 28th January and is a must have camera of 2011.


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Everything Everywhere contactless phone payments


Fancy using your mobile to pay for goods on the High Street? Well, you will be able to later this year as Everything Everywhere have teamed up with Barclaycard to allow contactless payments with a new free online credit card processing software.

  • The UK’s first commercial contactless mobile payments service, to be rolled out by Everything Everywhere and Barclaycard by early summer (second quarter of 2011)
  • The new service will offer consumers greater convenience and control on the high street with over 40,000 stores ready to accept contactless payments
  • Industry backed secure SIM-based payments approach, ensures excellent purchase protection for consumers
  • Latest move builds on Everything Everywhere and Barclaycard’s ongoing partnership, which has already produced a co-branded contactless credit card and the forthcoming Orange Cash pre-paid contactless card
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BlackBerry CDMA roadmap leaked


The guys over at have got hold of a real beauty. Details of RIMs CDMA roadmap which not only seems to confirm the device leaks we saw last week but also an extra addition – the BlackBerry Curve Touch. Now we clearly don’t have CDMA here in the UK but i would be confident in saying that chances are a GSM version will be made for most if not all of the devices in the leaked roadmap. I know we have not seen a GSM version of the BlackBerry Style but I think that is due to the flip design being much more popular in North America.

There are some device names to clarify and these are below:

  • new BlackBerry Bold Touch: Dakota is the GSM version, while Montana is the CDMA version
  • next gen Curve: Apollo is the GSM version, while Sedona is the CDMA version
  • new Curve Touch: not previously mentioned, Malibu is a new CDMA touchscreen Curve (likely to be a GSM one in the works too of course)

Rather than me pinching all the pictures from crackberry why not head on over there. Kevin has done a great job on this post and if you are a BlackBerry fan you may need a tissue to wipe up the dribble!

Click here to see the post on


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 104: Tangents R Us

Web bannerGareth, Andy, James and Tracy run riot on the recent ramblings from the mobile world. Sony Ericsson’s big announcements about gaming, PlayStations and phones prove popular. Samsung yawns and four mobiles pop out. Tracy updates us on the Orange’s on-going problem and an impromptu bargain gets James all excited.

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