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Sneaky Preview of iPod Touch 4?

ipod4 A brazen or possibly foolish case manufacturer has maybe given the world it’s first glimpse at the expected 4th generation iPod Touch by sending this picture to a mac site.  Clearly sporting what appears to be a camera and flash, it lends further credence to rumours that Apple are pushing the iPod Touch as an all in one media player for those not quite needing (or affording) the iPhone 4. 

From the picture it appears the iPod is still maintaining the third generation’s rounded back, possibly forgoing the iPhone 4’s glass extravagances to keep costs down.  Beyond this however, nothing more is given away, and yes that iPod is still sporting the previous iteration of iOS.  The new devices are rumoured for a September refresh according to UK retailer John Lewis but as yet Apple confirm or deny nothing.


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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Review

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Review Sony Ericsson has met both ends of the size spectrum with their latest Android smartphones. The X10 and its 4 inch display sat at the top end, and the X10 mini obviously took its place at bottom end. The Mini Pro may be at the bottom end by size standards, but by no means is it bottom end in terms of features and functionality.

The X10 Mini now has a Pro version, and it remains virtually unchanged except for the addition of a hardware qwerty keyboard. My main gripe with the Mini was its slow text input, so when the Mini Pro was heading my way, it seemed like the perfect answer to my prayers. It’s probably the smallest qwerty slider the world has ever seen, and probably the smallest we’ll ever see, so its carved itself a pretty unique slot to sit in. But can a device so small make a large enough impression to deserve a place in your pocket? Read on to see our verdict.


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Notifications on the BlackBerry Torch – video


As you will see in the video, notifications are shown at the top of the BlackBerry Torch screen. Giving them a touch launches a brand new way of viewing them. Now all notifications are shown full screen in a list. By tapping any one of them, whether they be a message, calendar event, Twitter or Facebook notification you are taken into that particular application.

A great new way to manage your notifications quickly and efficiently.




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