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HTC 2007 Device Roadmap

HTC’s 2007 device roadmap appears to have been ‘leaked’ and found it way on to the Russian site

The roadmap lists 4 new devices:

HTC Kaiser
HTC Kaiser
The HTC Kaiser is an updated version of the HTC P4350 (Herald) and has the same form factor. In terms of technology it is actually a slightly modified and advanced TyTN, which will include a built in GPS receiver in addition to the same QVGA-screen, the support of 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a powerful processor (400Mhz). It’s thought that the Kaiser is HTC answer to the Eten GPS-enabled devices.
The HTC Elf is regarded to be the same class of device as the HTC Herald however the Elf will be a cheaper entry level model and will not include 3G connectivity nor will it have a sliding keyboard. It will also have a slower (200mhz) processor. One thing it will have is funky touch sensitive keys!
HTC Wings
HTC Wings
The HTC Wings is basically the same device as the HTC Vox but will also include 3G connectivity and a GPS receiver.
HTC Erato
Finally there HTC Erato which is clamshell design thought to be an updated STRtrk which will also include a GPS Receiver.



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VPA compact IV (HTC Herald) on Vodafone Germany

The Vodafone variant of the HTC Herald has just appeared for sale on the Vodafone site in Germany.

VPA compact IV

The device is called the VPA Compact IV and compliments the existing VPA (Vodafone Personal Assistant) range of devices.

VPA Compact IV is priced at just 240€ when coupled with the Vodafone Business Classic tariff.

VPA compact IV Specification

  • Quadband GSM with EDGE
  • TI OMAP 850 processor
  • Slide-out QWERTY keypad
  • 2-megapixel CMOS camera
  • 2.8-inch 340×240-pixel LCD with 65K-color support
  • 128MB ROM; 64MB RAM
  • microSD expansion slot
  • Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and AVRCP
  • WiFi 802.11g, USB and infrared
  • Size: 109 x 59 x 17mm; 168g
  • See the full spec on the HTC product page.


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    Astraware announces its Annual Hogmanay Party promotion

    Astraware press release:

    Astraware is celebrating the New Year with its Annual Hogmanay Party and you’re all invited!


    The Hogmanay Party runs from December 30th 2006 to January 11th 2007 and offers a range of fun games from as little as $2.95. Substantial discounts on different games will be offered each day, so remember to check the Party page often at

    As a very special offer, Club Astraware will be offering one top title exclusively to its members from December 30th to January 11th only. So if you’re not already a member, join up now. You will not want to miss this offer!

    And finally, if you’re still wondering what Hogmanay is all about, check out the Astraware company blog at where Astraware’s resident Scottish expert, Iain Moore, gives a little insight. Have a Happy Hogmanay!


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    VITO updates VITO Voice2Go

    VITO Technology releases new version of VITO Voice2Go – FINALIST of the Best Software Awards. VITO Voice2Go enables voice management of your Pocket PC.

    VITO Voice2Go is a voice recognition application for Pocket PC that allows managing your Pocket PC with your own voice: starting and quitting applications, calling your contacts and hanging up the phone, modifying system settings, pressing any onscreen buttons and macro recording.

    VITO Voice2Go

    New in VITO Voice2Go:

  • turn off magic word with a voice command
  • change time interval of listening to command
  • call phone numbers
  • built-in help
  • VITO Technology ltd. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Windows Mobile and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO Voice2Go is a voice recognition application for Pocket PC that allows managing your Pocket PC with your own voice.


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    Picoo-Z Helicopter

    Not the sort of thing that I would normally blog about but Iain bought me a Picoo-Z minature remote control helicopter for Christmas.

    For those of you that haven’t seen these yet the Picoo-Z is an amazing piece of engineering. These helicopters are two channel super minature flying machines that weigh about 10 grams.

    Picoo-Z Helicopter

    Made by Silverlit Electronics the Picoo-Z comes completely ready to fly and charges from the infra-red handset (which takes 6 AA batteries – not included). Once charged the helicopter gives you 5-10 minutes of flying time on 30 minutes of charging.

    You can only fly these things indoors, as above, but have given us hours of amusement over the Christmas period. They also seem to be pretty indestructable!

    People have even started to mod these to have different bodies and flight characteristics. There is a great site called PiccoZ Toolbox where they show you lots of ways to mod your toy!

    One thing to note if you are looking for one of these is that there seems be a lot of different ways to spell Picoo-Z the box for ours says Picoo-z but others seem to say Picco-z or Pico-z etc.


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    Parrot DRIVER HEADSET review.

    The Parrot Hands-free Headset (DRIVER HEADSET) consists of a Bluetooth headset and a cradle that is both a holder for the headset and a charger that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket (12V).


    On first looking at the package I was slightly scared by the size of the ‘bud’ on the headset as it looked huge, but in practise it’s not and fits into the ear with no problems.


    So, the operation of this kit is to plug the charger dock into the cigarette lighter, and then the headset slides into the top, with a push mechanism to retain it – nice solid click in and click out. The cradle also features a buzzer that sounds on incoming calls.

    When the headset is in the cradle and charging, the status LED on the top of the headset blinks red slowly.


    You pair the headset as you would any other Bluetooth device on your phone and once paired the status LED blinks blue slowly. Whilst not paired the headset’s status LED blinks alternate blue and red.

    The headset has a volume up, volume down and an On/Off button (which is used to start/end calls). You can also use the headset for voice dialing as well.


    So all fairly standard stuff on the headset side of things.

    I also managed to hook it up to the PC for use with Skype 😀


  • Obviously as a headset it allows you to legally make/receive calls whilst driving.
  • The headset is light enough that it doesn’t really bother you much in the ear.
  • The cradle buzzer lets you know about incoming calls no matter where you’ve shoved the handset
  • The charging dock doubling as a holding cradle means that you always know where the headset is whilst driving.
  • good battery life
  • CONS

  • for me, the headset just didn’t stay put – without the ’round the ear’ hook that some other headsets have, it just kept slipping down, so I found myself continually adjusting it :S
  • you HAVE to charge the headset with the cradle, there is no other way, so if you aren’t in your car that day, then you are out of luck.
  • the blue / red flashing of the status led can be confusing if the headset is in the cradle and you have already plugged the cradle into the lighter socket, and you are trying to pair to the headset
  • Overall
    If you are someone that only wants a headset when you are driving, and the headset doesn’t slip in your ear, then this headset is probably great.

    For me personally, whilst it was light enough to stay in the ear without bothering me, the fact that it didn’t stay put in one place was distracting.

    Parrot DRIVER HEADSET Specification

  • Headset with automatic pick up/hang up
  • Volume adjustment via two buttons
  • Button for call management
  • Ringtone and LED for incoming calls
  • Bluecore 3 processor
  • 10 mm speaker
  • 3 high-intensity LEDs
  • NiMH 90 mA battery
  • Reset controller
  • 5 hours’ talk time on a full charge off the cradle
  • Cradle: L=130mm W=58mm D=35mm
  • Total weight: 60 grams
  • Headset: L=68mm W=25mm D=23mm (with insert)
  • Headset weight: 14 grams
  • Review by Iain

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    Merry Christmas!

    Tracy and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

    Thanks to everyone that has supported us during the year and that has helped become so successful.

    We have some exciting changes planned for 2007 so hope you will continue to visit us regularly! Don’t worry, we wont be away from the keyboard for long!

    Posted by: Matt

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    12 Days of Xmas Competition all over!

    Well our 12 Days of Christmas competition turned in to a bit of a marathon! What started of as 12 days and 12 prizes finished up being 40 prizes, collectively worth well over £1000, given away over 23 days!

    Tracy and I have really enjoyed running the promotion and we hope you have enjoyed it too. Over the past three weeks we have had thousands of competition entries, it’s been hard work but fun. We hope that you all enjoyed it too!

    I would like to say a massive thank you to all the companies and individuals that contributed to the competition, obviously without your generosity it would not have been possible. Below is a list of the prizes and contributors. I would encourage all our readers to visit the links below to help show your gratitude to these kind people!

    3 Excellent software titles from Astraware. Astraware Sudoku, Big Box of Blox and My Little Tank
    2.0GB Ultra II memory card in your choice of SD or Compact Flash courtesy of SanDisk.
    3 Copies of the brilliant C64 Emulator from ClickGamer.
    iPod Shuffle 2 and iPod Nano accessories from JAVOEdge.
    A Brodit car holder of your choice from the 968xxx or 971xxx series to suite your device and car. Courtesy of Nemesis.
    A fantastic designer Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock with Digital Tuning AM/FM Radio and Barometer courtest of Clove Technology.
    Clove Technology
    Brando Workshops HTC TyTN Music Dock, suitable for HTC TyTN, Orange M3100, iMate JasJam, Dopod CHT 9000 and all other HTC Hermes based devices.
    Brando Workshop
    A brand new Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman phone with 1Gb Memory Card and Pay-as-you-go SIM from Orange.
    Sony Ericson W850i
    A super Toshiba DVD player sponsored by MSMobileNews.
    An amazing Qtek 8500 (HTC STRTrk) provided by Expansys.
    Expansys Qtek 8500
    A Sony Ericsson HBH-608 bluetooth headset provided by our friend Fabien at Dafabmobiles.
    No less than 12 titles from the library of Vito Technology.
    VITO Technology
    A fabulous iPod Nano from the guys at expedIT Ltd.
    expedIT Ltd
    Some fabulous quality ‘Tracy & Matt’ branded t-shirts courtesy of Spreadshirt. Probably the most coveted prizes of all! 🙂
    Spreadshirt t-shirt
    A super goodie bag from the Windows Mobile team courtesy of Jason Langridge.

    Windows Mobile

    Finally I wish to thank everyone that has taken part, Tracy and I have gained some new friends along the way (you know who you are!) and thank you for your support. We hope to bring you more promotions and competitions in 2007!

    Merry Christmas!


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    12 Days of Christmas – Prize numbers 39 and 40

    12 Days of Christmas‘ competition.

    I promised you an announcement for prizes 39 and 40 and here it is. These two prizes are being given away very differently to the previous 38 prizes. There is no question to answer and I have already chosen the two winners! What is it then I hear you ask.

    I have been keeping a tally of all the answers that everyone has submitted over the last two weeks. I ended up with a list of people that had submitted correct answers to the most questions but didn’t win a main prize. I have randomly picked two winners from that list and both will receive a Tracy&Matt branded t-shirt courtesy of Spreadshirt!

    Spreadshirt t-shirt


    The two randomly chosen winners are: Nick Reynolds and Lee Sainsbury.

    Spreadshirt is the leader in online merchandising: letting individuals and organisations start an online shop at no cost and no risk. With a focus on individually produced and customised apparel the shop system allows designers to create and sell their shirts for free – earning commissions on every sale. Spreadshirt has been recognised as a leader in the field with awards from Hewlett Packard Business Vision Award, Red Herring Europe 100 and the German Founder’s Award.

    I set up a branded shop. You can take a look at our merchandise at


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    Astraware mobile site

    Astraware press release:

    Astraware mobile site – now with simpler checkout for Club Astraware members.

    THE MIDLANDS, UK – December 22nd 2006 – Astraware would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Holiday Season! If you’re away from your computer over the holiday break and want to pick up a new game to entertain yourselves during long journeys, or even to share some fun with the family, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made a couple of changes to Astraware’s mobile site to make purchasing a little easier.

    As Club Astraware already stores address and device details, you can now login to Club Astraware via our mobile site and this makes the checkout process easier – plus, of course, you can access all the usual Club Astraware discounts!

    Simply connect your device to the internet, via your phone or PDA’s data or wi-fi connection, and the Astraware mobile site is formatted to detect a mobile web browser. Once connected you just need to put in the regular web address – – login to Club Astraware and you’re all set! Download the trial of the game you want, and then checkout in the usual way. Have a fun-filled Holiday!


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