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Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 31th August 2016 – Notes, IFAs and Honors

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New USB-C and MacBook adapters from ADAM elements

1500xR_RG128_02The new exquisitely designed USB-C flash drive ROMA and the premium USB adapter and cable series CASA, which ADAM elements showcased at CES at the beginning of the year, are now all available. Users of the latest MacBook will be excited to hear that the elegantly designed ROMA has not only got an additional colour to choose from with the all-new rose gold – its capacity has also doubled with the 128 GB model.

With the rapidly growing number of hardware manufacturers including USB-C ports in their new devices there is no further proof needed to safely say that USB-C is a major connector standard of the future. ADAM elements has sensed this trend early and is offering two USB-C series of uniquely designed and high-performance premium accessories, especially targeted at MacBook users.

ROMA – high-speed dual USB-C/USB 3.1 flash drive
ROMA comes with both a USB-C connector and a standard USB-A plug, which can be easily swivelled around. Users can store data from e.g. their latest USB-C-only MacBook and share them with other USB-C devices, such as the Chromebook Pixel or, thanks to the standard USB-A connector, with older USB devices. On both ends, ROMA boasts high-end USB 3.1 transfer speeds of up to 130 MB/s. Besides the already available gold and space grey colour options, ROMA now also sports an all-new rose gold casing. The premium flash drive is available now with capacities of 64 GB or 128 GB as well as three different colour options. It can be ordered directly from the worldwide ADAM Store ( or purchased from selected European retailers. The MSRP are as follows:

ROMA 64 GB: £ 39
ROMA 128 GB: £ 79


CASA – premium adapters for every occasion
The CASA line adds a whole new level of comfort and functionality to MacBooks. USB-A-to-USB-C adapters, for example, allow users to hook up a mouse, keyboard, printer or any other peripheral with a standard USB-A connector. HDMI and VGA adapters for USB-C, on the other hand, are perfect for connecting computer monitors, TVs or projectors. The HDMI adapter even supports audio output and 3840 × 2160 video resolutions – that’s 4K UHD. The 2-metre long USB-C-to-USB-C cable hooks up the MacBook to its power adapter or to any other USB-C devices, such as external hard drives. Even selected smartphones become part of the act, with battery charging and data transfers of up to 480 Mbps. CASA cables come in gold, space grey and an eye-catching flaming red.

The CASA display output adapters and USB-C-to-USB-C cables are available as of now, directly from the worldwide Adam Store ( and selected European retailers.
The MSRP are as follows:

USB-C to VGA adapter       (CASA V01, space grey/gold):                   £ 32.99
USB C to HDMI adapter     (CASA H01, space grey/gold):                  £ 34.99
USB-C to USB-A adapter   (CASA F13, space grey/gold):                   £ 14.99
USB-C to USB-C cable       (CASA B200, space grey/gold/red):         £ 18.99
USB-C to USB-A cable       (CASA M100, space grey/gold/red):         £ 17.99


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ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie announced

ARCHOS unveils today its ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie. Demonstrated later this week at IFA 2016, available in September 2016, this beautiful glass-to-glass model from the ARCHOS Diamond range offers an elegant casing, a 5.5 inch Full HD and full lamination screen, a selfie camera, a Qualcomm octo-core processor boosted by 4 GB of RAM / 64 GB of internal storage.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie features Dragontrail reinforced glass and scratch resistant backside and metal details.

It sports a large 5.5 inch IPS Full HD screen, including the full lamination technology, with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, providing its users with an extra-large immersion into their favorite multimedia, thanks to true color reproduction and optimum definition.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie embeds two cameras: 16 MP with autofocus and LED flash on the back, 8 MP on the front, for great pictures and videos of best memories to have and share with family and friends. Equipped with a screen flash, the 8 MP front camera is the ideal companion for the ones addicted to selfies, even in difficult conditions.

Driven by an octo-core Qualcomm MSM8937 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD card, it gives power to almost any highly demanding application or game available through the Google Play Store.


The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie offers a 4G/LTE connectivity, for super-fast downloads.

It is easily protected thanks to its fingerprint sensor, located on the backside of its casing. Under one second, the power is on and the smartphone is unlocked with one touch, offering an additional piece of security.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie packs a 3000 mAh battery, to go through the entire day. It additionally features the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology to refill the battery faster than with conventional charging.

It runs Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) in its purest release, with complete access to the Google Play Store and its millions of apps.

Thanks to its gyroscope, the ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie can be used with VR glasses, to fly a drone, as well as to hunt Pokemons!

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie will be exhibited on ARCHOS’s booth at IFA 2016 (Hall 25, Booth 206). It will be available for purchase on and through its distribution’s channel worldwide in September 2016 for £199,90/$199,90.

A Lite version (with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage) will also be available in October 2016 at a lower price: £169,90/$169,90.

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Philips Monitors present UltraColor, Curves and Pop-up Security

Pop-up cam lifestyle imageMMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, is introducing a series of innovations for business professionals and home users alike at IFA 2016 from 2 to 7 September in Berlin. With UltraColor technology and its wider gamut support, integrated e.g. in the slimmest monitor on the market, the latest 4K 40-inch curved display, displays with webcams that pop up only when needed, as well as the chance to preview forthcoming innovations, the Philips stand in Hall 22 is a deserved part of any tour of the show.

40inch curved

Curved displays – and the largest 4K curved display on the market
Visitors to the Philips stand can experience fantastic focus with the 40-inch Brilliance Curved display, the largest 4K curved display on the market. This 40-inch screen which will be available to purchase in Q4, wraps around the line of vision to create more personal space and better concentration. Since viewers sit close to a desktop display, a curved screen creates a truly immersive working session. Viewing distances from the edges and centre of the screen are equal – so users need to turn their head less to see content at the edges, and can enjoy the best picture quality. The edge-to-edge glass and ultra-narrow border enhance this seamless appearance. Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management at MMD, says “The new 40-inch curved display model testifies to our ongoing commitment to bringing advanced display experiences to users’ desks and living spaces. With 4K resolution, this new model offers fantastic clarity and space for multitasking.”

The 40-inch 4K model isn’t the only curved display on show: IFA visitors can also preview the forthcoming X7 Frameless 21:9 Curved display in 34-inch size. This height-adjustable ultra-slim display, with dazzling Quad HD resolution and integrated sound, is due for release later this year.

4 side frameless (C6 series)_side

UltraColor for true-to-life image
Bringing more accurate colour to home apps, where users have often been forced to compromise, the latest UltraColor displays take colour reproduction to new heights. Supporting a wider gamut – 85-95% of the NTSC gamut, depending on the specific model, as opposed to the typical 72% – UltraColor expands on the range of perceptible colours on the screen, creating true-to-life images with richer and more natural greens, reds and blues. With their accurate colour reproduction, UltraColor displays take the guesswork out of online shopping: people can see the true colour of the product before they click “buy”. UltraColor displays also give aspiring video makers, designers and photographers the certainty that their on-screen colours come close to real life. Stefan Sommer explains the background: “Unlike enhancements that work by tweaking software settings in order to adjust colour balance, UltraColor involves changing the actual chemistry in the panel and innovative adjustments to the composition of the colour chips.”

This innovative technology is featured in a number of the displays on show at IFA, including the new E-Line Displays, released this summer, as well as the slimmest monitors on the market – the C7 series, due out in Q4 2016. At IFA, the 24-inch model of the Ultra Slim FHD monitors will be shown. Despite its depth of only 5.2 mm, this model displays 90% of the NTSC gamut, features Flicker-free technology, a wide viewing angle and a frameless bezel design.

272B7QPTKEB_f image

Pop-up webcam makes life tough for camera hackers
Visitors wanting to beef up security in the office should look out for the first Philips display with a pop-up webcam. Thanks to the webcam that only pops up when it is needed, and is otherwise hidden in the display frame, the newly introduced 27-inch display blocks off a potential spyhole for hackers. The display is immediately available in the market.

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Survivor Power Bank Unboxing

vlcsnap-00037The Survivor Power Bank is a £56 Power bank and that might sound like a lot for a power bank however there are some who need to rely on a power bank in the most extreme environments and the Survivor looks to be a good fit for those.

  • Capacity: 10,050 mAh
  • Standard USB power outlet to device: 10 W (5 volts @ 2.1 amps)
  • Provides up to three full recharges for iPhone 6s Plus, one full charge for iPad Air 2
  • Even charges iPad Pro up to 95%
  • Great for camping or business travel
  • LED fuel gauge
  • Rated 6.6ft (2m) drop protection
  • Built-in LED emergency flashlight
  • In the Box: Micro-USB charging cable, user manual
  • Weight: 8.4 oz (238 g)
  • WARRANTY: Guaranteed for life. See for our full warranty policy.


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Archos 55 Helium range fashionable and powerful

archos_55heliumultra-large_05Archos unveils today its new ARCHOS Helium range, including the ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra. Presented next week at IFA 2016, available from October 2016, this smartphone offers many possibilities at a wallet-friendly pricing.

The ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra flaunts a quad-core Mediatek MT6737 chipset, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB internal storage. Launched in Dark Grey and Pearl White, it features a refined design and form factor.

It also packs a large 5.5-inch HD IPS screen and a display resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, making it comfortable for heavy multimedia users to view their favorite content.

Along with a microSD card slot, to extend the internal storage up to 128 GB, the ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra contains two SIM cards spaces and allows fast downloads thanks to their 4G/LTE connectivity. It is therefore the best companion for professional and personal uses.

It includes two cameras, 8 MP with autofocus and LED flash on the back, 2 MP on the front, to catch and share what is necessary.

With its 2700 mAh removable battery, the ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra easily gets through an entire day without needing to be charged.

The ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra runs Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) in its purest version.

As of today, a Lite version, the ARCHOS 55 Helium, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage in Pearl White, is available on the company’s website


In view of the success ARCHOS continually meets with colourful smartphones and back casings, such as with the Yellow ARCHOS 50 Diamond or with the Pink and Blue back casings that came with the 50c Platinum, a third version of the ARCHOS 55 Helium will be commercialized: the ARCHOS 55 Helium 4 Seasons. This smartphone doesn’t differentiate itself with its interior; it has the same technical specifications as the ARCHOS 55 Helium, but with its four interchangeable back casings: Blooming Gold, Blazing Yellow, Autumn Woodland and Frosted Grey allowing for a change of style and color at a moment’s notice.

On top of all uses provided by Google Android and its Google Play Store, the three models offer elaborate functionalities:

  • Smart Gesture, to control the phone and make it take various actions to save time and keep things simple, through a defined motion.
  • HotKnot, to transfer content from/to another device by simply having them in close proximity.
  • Turbo Download, to run simultaneously 4G and WiFi connections as a super pipe and to download large files much faster.

The ARCHOS 55 Helium, ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra and ARCHOS 55 Helium 4 Seasons will be exhibited on ARCHOS’s booth at IFA 2016 (Hall 25, Booth 206). They will be available for purchase on and through its distribution’s channel worldwide starting at £89.00

  • ARCHOS 55 Helium (1 GB RAM / 16 GB of internal storage): £89.00 in September 2016
  • ARCHOS 55 Helium Ultra (3 GB RAM / 32 GB of internal storage): £119.00 in October 2016
  • ARCHOS 55 Helium 4 Seasons (1 GB RAM / 16 GB of internal storage / 4 back casings): £100 in October 2016
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Archos 50f Helium arrives affordable and powerful

archos_50fhelium-large_03ARCHOS unveils today its ARCHOS 50f Helium. Demonstrated next week at IFA 2016, available in October 2016, this model places itself as the legacy product of the Helium range. It combines an HD screen, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, 4G/LTE connectivity, a fingerprint sensor, runs on Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), all in an elegant package for an affordable price.

The ARCHOS 50f Helium features a premium design, with rounded edges and metal finishes.

Common on high-end products, ARCHOS has chosen to include a fingerprint sensor on a budget friendly smartphone. Located on the backside, the sensor allows for an ease of use by unlocking the smartphone in just one second.

It sports a 5-inch IPS HD screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, for accurate colour reproduction and large viewing angles.

The ARCHOS 50f Helium offers a 4G/LTE connectivity, providing fast speeds especially for multimedia content downloads.

It is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chip and 2 GB of RAM. It has 32 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD card.

It includes two cameras: 8 MP with autofocus and LED flash on the back, 2 MP at the front, to benefit from all the essentials in terms of photo and video.

The ARCHOS 50f Helium packs a 2000 mAh removable battery.

This wallet-friendly smartphone runs Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) in its purest form, with fancy functionalities:

  • Google Now, with its focus on “context” and its improved digital assistant, for a better understanding of where the user is and what he/she will need to know as a result.
  • Customisable lock screen message, a new textbox that is the perfect place for motivational quotes, important reminders, name tags and much more.
  • Doze, that uses motion sensors to detect when the smartphone is not moving, enters automatically in a deep sleep, stopping all non-essential tasks such as Wi-Fi, syncs and jobs until the handset starts moving again, optimising drastically the battery life.

It gives a complete access to the Google Play Store and its millions of apps.

A Lite version, with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, will also be available at a lower price.

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vMall offering gifts as it turns one

downloadvMall, Honor’s officially licensed online store, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Enabling customers to get products right off the manufacturer’s production line and benefit from fantastic promotions, vMall is the go-to destination for online shoppers who want to get the latest flagship device, the new Honor 8 (£369.99).

To add to this, the online store has now also unveiled a plethora of gifts for its loyal and prospective digital native customers in celebration of the launch. With every Honor 8 purchase, customers will receive a free anniversary package – each totaling up to £86 – for free!

The vMall anniversary package is an amazing offer, with a range of vouchers to choose from giving you access to other exciting products.

Honor has partnered with several companies, such as Deezer and Car2Go, to bring its customers the most value. Redeem a Gameloft voucher for £43 and get all the extras you always wanted! On top of that, the first 2,000 customers to buy between the 08/24 and the 08/31 will get a 3-month full damage insurance package, also for free, as well.

The Honor 8 device is the brand’s new ground-breaking flagship, with superior features that include a glass back and front, a special dual camera enabling high quality photos even in dark environments and a super-fast, but energy-saving, Kirin octa-core CPU. It will be exclusively sold in the first weeks through vMall from 24 August.

Honor is calling on all digital natives to vMall buy an Honor 8 and get an anniversary package while stocks last.

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Honor 8 arrives in all it’s beauty

Honor8 EN [55177]Today we saw the launch of the latest in the line of Honor phones. Each year improving over the last with more style and value packed in. This year we see greatly improved looks, commendable specs and some of an new approach to make the Honor stand out in it’s price range.

Honor’s newest flagship device, the much-anticipated Honor 8, has officially launched in Europe, bringing state-of-the-art mobile and camera technology into the hands of digital natives, at a price tag of just £369.99.

Every generation has its own idols, its own point of view on the world and its own rules. The Honor 8 has been specifically designed by Honor, the leading e-commerce smartphone brand for digital natives, to meet the ambitious, fast-paced lifestyles of this generation. It combines breakthrough design with supreme speed, high-quality camera capabilities and smart functions, making it the perfect match.


Premium materials and design

Encased in glass, which is made from fifteen layers of Process on the back, the handset’s sleek 5.2 inch design has an unrivaled finish. Within the layers are lithography and 3D grating coatings that come together to create lots of fine prism lines. Although invisible to the human eye, these generate bright colours for a stunning visual experience. Thanks to its 2.5D curves, the glass fits seamlessly into a diamond-cut metal frame making the device exceptional to hold, and acts as a protective layer against occasional drops and rough handling.

Two cameras join forces for extreme quality

Following with previous models, the device holds a dual camera with two 12 MP sensors; one RGB sensor to capture colours and one monochrome sensor for detail. Minus an optical filter, the monochrome sensor captures three times more light than normal, improving the dynamic range of the image and reducing noise – even in darkness – delivering unparalleled picture quality. The two sensors also enable photographers to utilise a range of filters, from setting focus after the shot to changing the appearance of the Bokeh effect.

On top of this, the Honor 8 camera supports an extensive set of functions and filters, from light painting and beauty mode to panorama frames, slow-mo, food mode, HDR, super night and water mark. In a world where we now turn the camera on ourselves, the Perfect Selfie mode will enhance every smile, pout or pose which, when combined with an 8 MP shooter on the front, promises a shareable snap. Perfect every photo or finesse video content with a whole host of editing tools to make your content stand-out whether you post it on Instagram, add it to your blog or print it for your walls.

Power in your hands                                                                                                     

The Honor 8 has been built with a Kirin octa-core CPU chipset containing an i5 co-processor, which work in tandem to increase processing speeds, response times and battery life, making sure you are powered-up when you need to be (4x 2.3 GHz). Supporting this further, the device supports Wi-Fi connections on both bands (2.4GHz/ 5 GHz).


Smart features at your fingertips

Knowing that speed is key, Honor has made sure you can access a full set of functions in the blink of an eye with its unique Smart Key function: the fingerprint sensor acts as a multi-purpose button, where you tap, double tap or tap and hold to start apps like WhatsApp or Pokémon Go. Everything you need to keep your daily routine ticking is at your fingertips. Its Type-C USB sets a new standard in charging ports, bringing an end to fiddling with cables, as the plug fits in no matter how you turn it, on top of enabling super-fast charging in only 30 minutes from 0-50%. Honor 8’s fingerprint sensor has a self-learning capability, meaning the more it is used the faster it will perform, reaching less than 0.4 seconds.

High specs at an affordable price

The Honor 8 is available from August 24 on Honor’s vMall for an incredible offer of just £369.99, including an anniversary package worth £69.99 (while stocks last).

Shoppers can choose from three colors: Pearl White, Midnight Black and Sapphire Blue. At Amazon, the Honor 8 will be bundled with an Amazon Fire TV Stick free of charge (while stocks last). With you can get a deeper report of your investments.

Selected online retailers like Clove, Ebuyer and Expansys will also stock the Honor 8 Sim-free along with it being available on contract exclusively at 3 in the next coming weeks.

Key specifications

  • Kirin 950 chipset in flagship-grade 16 nm FinFET production
  • Four 2.3 GHz high-performance cores and four 1.8 GHz high efficiency, energy saving cores
  • 4GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard memory, expandable up to 128 GB via microSD card
  • 3,000 mAh(Typ.), 2900 mAh(Rat.) battery
  • 2-inch Full-HD LTPS display
  • 12MPx2 main dual camera with separate RGB and monochrome sensor, capturing more, HDR mode, Slow-Mo, pro-mode, etc…
  • 8MP front-facing camera
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Smart home tech is the future

SAS-CLALARM10_3Online electronics and tech retailer,, has seen sales of smart home products boom by 21 per cent, highlighting that the trend shows no sign of slowing down – and is set to continue revolutionising our homes.

The security category has been a key driving factor with a noticeable surge around the summer holiday period, with alarm devices up by 11 per cent, signifying people are taking additional steps to protect their homes whilst on holiday.

Sales show no sign of slowing down, with predicting a 25% rise as we head into 2017.

From decor-friendly gadgets and wireless power controls, right through to sophisticated security systems, advances in technology continue to make it easier to make homes smarter and safer, and it seems consumers are seeing the value.

Some of the most popular and innovative products have been:

  • Konig Smart Home Security Set – A reliable security system enabling you to manage your home security devices and appliances from anywhere in the world, via an app
  • Olympia Glass Break Detector – With buzzer plate technology, this wireless module instantly detects glass breakage
  • m-e Smoke Detector – A wireless smoke detector with an integrated heat sensor
  • Eurotronic Energy-Saving Controller – With Z-Wave technology, this intelligent energy-saving controller helps to manage heating within the home and monitor energy output
  • Konig Wireless Surveillance System – Supplied with a 4-channel recorder and an integrated 7” colour monitor, this surveillance system allows home observation without the hassle of all the cables to set it up

Product Manager of Home & Security, and Tools of, Holger Engelbrecht, says, “As an innovative retailer in the tech and electronics space, we’ve long been aware of consumers’ desire to discover products that make their homes smarter and safer, and day-to-day household tasks simpler. We’re seeing more exciting smart home products available than ever before, and this is reflected in the range we have available. From wireless video intercom systems through to infrared motion detectors – boasts a large and exciting range of home tech.”

As well as its smart home range, offers a wider variety of tools, components, tech accessories and more – offering many items up to 20% cheaper than elsewhere in the UK.

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