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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 83: It’s all change!

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This week we’re joined by our old friend and special guest Chris Oldroyd. Tracy steps in with some special mobile deals and Andy has a mishap in his trousers.

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mp; James with guest appearances by Chris and Tracy

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The First Trojan for Android is Discovered

Well it seems like Android is becoming a PC, as security firm Kaspersky detected a trojan going by the name of “Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”. This trojan is downloaded  as an Android app and according to  Kaspersky it is the first known Android targeted trojan.

The trojan poses as a media player app but when the app is installed, it starts sending SMS’s to premium rate numbers without telling the user. As the creators of the trojan usually set up the numbers, they benefit from this scam. These types of trojans have been on mobile phones for years, but as far as I am aware, this is the first time it has been put on an Android device.

Kaspersky Lab is supposedly working on Android-specific antivirus software and plans to release it early next year. Even though there are antivirus apps already available in the Android Market, it was supposed to be unnecessary. But I guess it is only a matter of time before we see the 1990s war between the Mac and PC start all over again.


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Nokia Launches C3 in Vietnam, Riots Ensue


While over here in Blighty we usually only see rioting associated with football or ill-conceived tax policies, it appears the Vietnamese will go crazy for a mobile phone.  This isn’t just any mobile phone however, this is Nokia’s new C3, with QWERTY keyboard, Series 40 OS, WiFi, 2MP camera.  OK, maybe it is just any mobile, making it all the more unusual for anyone to get out of hand when the supply runs dry – 5000 devices were available but a pretty impressive 7000 buyers turned up.  Let’s hope Apple doesn’t launch the iPhone 4 there or things could get really ugly.


Watch people run crazy for a mid-range smartphone here.


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The Droid Gets Reborn as the Droid 2

The Droid is arguably the phone that put Android on the map, and the sequel to the best-selling Android phone is here, as the Droid 2. The Droid 2 is going to come shipped with Android 2.2, the first device to do so. Aside from Froyo, the Droid 2 has a 3.7″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen, 8GB of internal storage, (with support of up to 32Gb on a MicroSD card) a 1GHz TI OMAP processor and 512MB of RAM. It also comes pre-installed with Swype, one of the best ways for text-imput on Android Devices.

The Droid 2 is going to be available on presale in the US  tomorrow August 11th for $199.99, with a R2-D2 Star Wars special edition coming next month. Even though the Droid 2 is only going to be available in the US, there hopefully should be a european version coming soon, as the Motorola Milestone got released as the european version of the Droid.

Press Release:

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BitDefender 2011 – What’s new


Our friends over at BitDefender have just told us about a new video they have released detailing what is new in the 2011 version of their security software.

The new range is coming next month so if you are looking to renew your computer security why not have  a quick look at the video.

Click here for the link.


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Leaked Windows 7 Phone: The HTC Schubert

With Windows Phone 7 being released in the next couple of months, there has to be a phone leaked with WP7 running on it. And that is exactly what we see here. has just released a video of what seems to be HTC’s flagship phone for WP7, called the HTC Schubert. (Yeah I know, weird name.) See the video here. There are no released specs yet, but there are some rumoured that they will be similar to a Nexus One. i.e. a 1GHz processor, 512Mb of RAM ect.

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Nokia N8 Shows Up SIM Free on UK Site, Networks Gearing Up


Those friendly Finns from Espoo’s next throw of the smartphone dice, the N8, appears to be nearly at British shores.  UK phone retailer has listed the Symbian^3 device for £419.95 SIM free, with T-Mobile and Vodafone putting up placeholders on their websites.

Boasting 16GB of memory, a 3.5″ 640×360 AMOLED display, a 680MHz ARM processor, HDMI out and a Xenon flash to light up that 12mp Carl Zeiss camera, the N8 certainly looks on paper to be a genuine contender.  However recent industry analysis has put one-time smartphone trailblazers Nokia and Microsoft now playing catch-up to iOS and Android armed devices.  While some analysts say Nokia’s future rests on the success of the MeeGo and Symbian^4 platforms more than Symbian^3, the N8 is at least a chance for them to right S60s touchscreen wrongs and put Nokia back in the spotlight for good reasons.

Mobilefun lists the Nokia N8’s availability from 28/8/2010.

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Flash on the iPhone

The iPhone Dev Team have found yet another way to piss of Mr. Jobs, this time Flash on the iPhone. Comex, the developer of the latest jailbreak, has ported the Frash tool over from the iPad, which means you now can view flash content on your iDevice. As you could expect you do need to jailbreak your iPhone to do this, then you need to download the .deb, put it to a folder deep inside your phone via SSH, and then restart and you should have flash on your iPhone. Video tutorial here.


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Rumour: HTC Desire HD

It first got rumoured on Germany’s Vodafone database as the HTC Ace, but now renamed as the HTC Desire HD has been caught on video. As you could probably guess, it is going to be the successor to the wildly popular HTC Desire. It is supposed to feature at least a 1GHz snapdragon processor but there are some rumours floating around that it will be 1.6GHz!. Beyond the processor, the Desire HD supposedly has a 4.3″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen which will probably be SLCD, Android 2.2, 4Gb of internal storage and a 8 mega-pixel camera with a flash.

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