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Follow us on Twitter at the Acer Live Blog 2016 #AcerLiveBlog2016

acer-logoThis year Acer is coming to Belfast for their yearly Live Blogging event and we will be blogging live with the best of them. Using #AcerLiveBlog2016 you can see a bunch of hand picked bloggers from Friday to Sunday embarking on a series of tasks and endeavours utilising various Acer goodies along the way. You can follow us on Twitter as the best source.

Things will be kicking off around 1pm on Friday and rolling on until Sunday. There might be certain theme from a popular Television show with deep links in Northern Ireland. Winter Acer Is Coming!!!

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Merry Christmas

xmasOn behalf of the team here at tracyandmatt I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers and listeners a very Merry Christmas! Thank you all for fab support and for following us on twitter etc.

Thanks also from me to the guys that work with me on the site, Gareth, James, Phil and Chris. Your helps and support is amazing and greatly appreciated.

Over the next few months we have a lot planned and there will be some changes as well as more of the same news, reviews and videos. We’ll be further developing our podcast hangouts and there’s a few other things up our sleeves too.

We’ll be be back to posting news and reviews again in a few days.

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Happy 2011!

Happy new year to all of our readers, old or new, from all of us on the team! We hope you have a fantastic 2011.

Don’t forget that we have a competition running at the moment where you can win a fantastic HD Camcorder or John’s Phone. If you haven’t entered already the please do so by heading over and having a listen to our latest podcast. That’ll tell you how to enter.

I’d also like to thank all members of the T&M team for their contribution to the site throughout 2010 and to all of our sponsors and the PR agencies that we work with. We had a great 2010 and hope to keep expanding in 2011.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing new years day, free of hangovers!


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Merry Christmas!

xmas_ball On behalf of the team here at tracyandmatt I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers and listeners a very Merry Christmas! Thank you all for fab support and for following us on twitter etc. 

If you do have some time on your hands over the festive season then maybe check out our podcast this week, it’s an extra special one. Not only is it our Christmas show but it’s also our 100th! To top it all off we’ve got a great competition for you where you could win a great HD camcorder or a phone! Check it all out on via the podcast page.

We’ll be be back to posting news and reviews again in a few days.


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Vote for tracyandmatt in the IT Blog Awards 2010


We have been lucky enough to have been nominated in the IT Blog Awards 2010.

With thousands of IT related blogs available, it’s hard to know which ones to read first. With the Blog Awards, will help to identify the best IT blogs.

The shortlist has been decided, and you can vote in each of the 12 categories but the one we are interested in is the Gadget section as that’s where we are.

We would very much appreciate your vote. It would be great for us to win and would very much make us feel appreciated for our hard work.

If you will take a minute to vote please click here.

Thank you.


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Mobile Tech Addicts merges with Tracy And Matt

tm-logo-url You may have arrived here looking for Mobile Tech Addicts or perhaps you are already a loyal visitor to tracyandmatt (I hope so!) but the news we have for you today is that we’ve merged with with All the old stories will remain on both sites but we’ll all be working together with myself, James and Gareth at the helm. The podcast will still be recorded weekly and that will retain it’s name. We hope that more of you will also download and listen to the podcast over the coming weeks.

There will be more changes and enhancements over the coming weeks/months so stick close! 🙂

As always, the forum is available for you to get in touch with us any time and I would like to thank everyone that visits and supports the site.


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Wanna help?

Web banner

If anyone is interested in helping out with regular posts here at Mobile Tech Addicts then please drop me a line. I have recently become snowed under with other projects and the last thing I want to do is let MTA slide. If you are interested you can drop me a line here. Or you can DM me on twitter.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast


It has been a while since we gave ourselves a plug so today I feel like it. If you have not seen us mention this before, Matt and I record a weekly podcast with Gareth and Andy from

It’s pretty light hearted and there is plenty of childish humour but on a serious note we discuss the mobile news from the previous seven days.

We record every Tuesday night and the podcast is usually uploaded before bed so if you fancy hearing our opinions then please follow the link below to give us a listen.

Download podcast here

For those of you that already subscribe we thank you and appreciate the lending of your ears!

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Subscribe by Email

rss You may have noticed some changes to the site while you were all sleeping last night but not only have we got a new layout but we’ve added a new way for you to keep up with the site. Now you can subscribe to site updates via email. Up on the navigations bar  at the top you’ll see an email icon, if you click on that you’ll be asked for your email address and, once you’ve verified your address, email updates will be delivered to you. Don’t worry about being inundated with updates though as you’ll only receive one per day at the most with all the updates on it.

If email isn’t your thing then you can still subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fan page.

As I’ve been hinting at for about a week or so we’re going to be starting a new competition next week so it’s definitely worth following us one way or another so that you know when the competition kicks off. Of course I still prefer you visit the site every day anyway! 🙂

Feel free to let me have your feedback about the new site layout via this forum thread.

By the way, anyone seeing a big black bar at the top of the site you should shift-refresh your browser a few times as you browser may have cached old site code…


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Competition reminder!


The new podcast is out and we are looking for some folks to win these headsets. Send me a picture of you listening to the podcast. When at Mobile World Congress I shall ask the coolest and most prominent person I can find to choose their favourite two photos (To be honest it will probably be the most attractive booth babe.) The two photos chosen will win! Simples.

You can send your photo to [email protected]. Entries should be in by midnight on 17/02/10. I will be posting all photos received so keep them clean 🙂

Best of luck!

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