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HTC UK gets a new boss


With the announcement of a new European office in Slough this week HTC has appointed Everything Everywhere director of devices Phil Roberson as its UK head.

The move follows former HTC UK & Ireland country manager Jon French’s promotion to a global role. In his new role, Roberson will be accountable for HTC UK’s performance, reporting to French.

During the last year Roberson is credited with brokering deals to get the iPad and iPhone on the T-Mobile network in his role as director of devices. He has also been championing the benefits of a multi-OS strategy within Everything Everywhere.

Prior to that he was head of terminals at T-Mobile. As well as overseeing the company’s handset portfolio his scope of influence extended to purchasing, trading, stock control and more.

I am pretty sure I sat next to Phil last year on a train and he was a very nice chap!


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Orange to refresh prepay tariffs and rewards


Rewards for users on prepay plans revised while call and text message charges rise slightly

Orange will refresh its price its prepay price plans and rewards in a move it said would make them richer to more customers. The changes are effective as of tomorrow (July 1).

Customers on the Dolphin and Monkey plans will receive 400 free text messages (an additional 100 SMS) plus free internet as a monthly reward for topping up £10 a month.

Canary plan customers will now be able to purchase the operator’s unlimited texts extra for £5 by texting ‘5’ to 6620.

In addition, call charges are rising from 20p to 25p on the Dolphin, Monkey and Canary plans while users on these plans, as well as Starter users, will be charged 12p per text as opposed to 10p.

An Orange spokesperson said: “Following a review of our pricing structure, we can confirm that Orange will be making some changes to its PAYG price plans from 1st July including improvements to Orange top up rewards and Extras. Orange PAYG top up rewards are now richer and Extras are available to more customers.

Source: mobilenewscwp


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T-Mobile launches new summer promotion: truly unlimited internet for UK consumers

T-Mobile Logo t-mobile

T-Mobile have announced it is offering truly unlimited mobile internet access to customers who sign up to a 24 month price plan of £25.54 or more a month between 1 July and the 30 September. Available through T-Mobile retail stores, via the T-Mobile web site and from T-Mobile telesales, the new truly unlimited internet summer promotion will also be available to existing customers who are eligible to upgrade onto those plans, or can be added as a data bundle for just £5.10 per month for those already on equivalent price plans.

The new truly unlimited internet promotion has been designed to allow customers to browse, stream, email1 and download their favourite content to their heart’s content, without the need to monitor their usage. The summer months will give customers who sign up to the deal plenty of great opportunities to start taking full advantage of the offer – from checking up on all the festival line ups, to streaming music via Spotify whilst in the park with friends, or even downloading favourite TV episodes to watch on long summer holiday journeys.

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Skype for Android now with Video Support

skype Great news for those of us that use Skype and have Android powered devices for today Skype have finally released an update for the Android version of their software which includes support for video calling on Android phones running Android 2.3 and above. You also need a forward-facing camera of course. So for those of us with Android phones with the two cameras the forward-facer now serves a purpose!

If you want to get this new version then you need to either head over to Android Market or else pop over to from your phone browser.

This new version also has a slightly updated look to is making it more akin to the desktop versions of the app.


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Vodafone 858 Smart Review

Vodafone 858 Smart The Vodafone 858 Smart is an entry level Android device from the network itself. The phone is entering a seriously crowded market with competition from the Samsung Galaxy Europa and the Orange San Francisco but what sets the device from the crowd is it’s extremely competitive price of £60.

The small Huawei-made handset may be cheap but does the price offset some of the relatively poor specs or is it worth spending a little more on a higher-spec device? Read on to see!


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RIM Rumours Playbook 10 and take over

blackberry-playbook-10-550x334While the 10 inch version of the BlackBerry PlayBook was only a rumour itself, the new rumour is that the plans for it have been cancelled. There has been light speculation that in the next year RIM will be purchased by another company.

RIM have such a massive share of the market and the corporate uptake for the devices is enough that it’s probably quite safe to brush any takeover news under the carpet. The Playbook 10″ however is a different story. Perhaps with the less that stellar sales for both Android tablets and the Playbook RIM might just hold back on the 10″ and see how the ride goes for the &” currently braving the market.

Source BGR

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Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones v2.0 (Beta 4): BBM Integration, ‘Likes’ Notifications and more!


From Inside BlackBerry – Today marks the fourth beta release of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0. Over the course of the last several months, we’ve introduced a slew of new features and functionality. Starting with the initial Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0 beta release, we introduced Facebook Chat and a brand-new interface. In the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0 beta refresh, we added support for BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 in addition to some new features and performance enhancements. And the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0 beta 3 release included some of the top requested features, like Wi-Fi support, the ability to delete comments and posts, and a new prompt that appears before you delete a Facebook message.

To add to the lineup of features in Facebook v2.0, this beta release includes some highly anticipated additions.

Enhanced Notifications – Get Notified of ‘Likes’

We’ve made several improvements to notifications; the first is that you’ll be now be notified of polled items (that is, notifications that aren’t delivered through BlackBerry push technology), such as ‘Likes’ and Event Wall posts. The notification will even tell you who and what was ‘Liked’, so you’ll never miss a beat in your social life. By default, polled notifications will be set to a one-hour frequency but you can check as often as you like by selecting Refresh from the Menu.

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IM+ reduce prices


We have mentioned IM+ many times here on the site. If you are looking for an integrated instant messaging application then this may be the perfect time to try out IM+ Pro or IM+ Talk as they have both been slashed in price. The app is available on BlackBerry, Android and iOS and although I have used on all of these platforms before I must admit it has historically been rather expensive.

Not now though. Grab your phone, jump into your respective app store and search for IM+ Pro or IM+ Talk.

Stay connected to your friends, family and business contacts anytime and anywhere. All-in-one chat app at your fingertips!

You can read more about IM+ and see the new pricing below:

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Angry Birds for WP7 is go


If you are a Windows Phone 7 user then today is a glorious day if you are into gaming. One of the most popular mobile games ever, Angry Birds is now available to download from the Marketplace.

Priced at £2.49 there is also the option to try the first three levels for free.

So what are you waiting for, go grab it.


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ZTE Blade Touch Screen Handset Sales Pass the Two Million Mark – Company expects handset sales to reach 80 million in 2011


ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has now sold more than two million ZTE Blade handsets, making it one of the top best-selling smartphones in the world.

ZTE continues to challenge the market leaders in the handset market, and expects to ship more than 80 million handsets this year, up from 60 million units in 2010.

The ZTE Blade was first launched in the UK in the second half of 2010, and is now available in over 30 countries and regions, including the UK, France, Greece, Spain, Poland and Turkey. It has also successfully penetrated Japan and Finland, the home markets of major ZTE competitors.


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