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The Nokia 5250 – a new low end device


The Nokia 5250 is very much a low end device and to match its specs it will come with an affordable price tag of around 115 Euros.

Running Symbian S60 the 5250 has a 2.8 inch screen and relies on GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

No 3G, no Wi-Fi and no GPS but its battery will play music for 24 hours!

This one is very much NOT a Smartphone but it is clearly not meant to be. If this is going to sell here in the UK for a little under £100 I am rather concerned that this is not very good value for money. You can get a much better specced phone for that price.

Anyway, I am sure we will put this one to the test at some point in the future.


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Motorola FlipOut Demo Video


The Motorola FlipOut is another one of those phones with a wild and wacky design. Motorola have been spewing out Android devices over the past twelve months and this one is yet another crazy concept to add to their portfolio.

Packed with Android 2.1 with MotoBlur over the top the device is nice and compact with only a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen but with the added bonus of a FlipOut full QWERTY keyboard. This one is now off to James to review as he is a huge fan of hardware keyboards but will the FlipOut suit his needs? You will have to read the full review to find out so in the meantime please enjoy the demo video below. Not a proper unboxing video this time as we don’t yet have the retail package but we still have a good look at the hardware and OS.


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SIM-unlock method for all Galaxy S phones


If you recently purchased — or have plans to purchase – a phone in the Samsung Galaxy S line, the folks over a xda-developers have a pretty interesting tutorial up on their forums. The instructions detail how to carrier-unlock your Galaxy S phone (e.g. Captivate, Vibrant, etc.) without the need to pay for a SIM unlocking service. The process is four steps long and looks to be a 4 or 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. Hit up the read link if you want to give this one a shot… and do let us know if you have any success.



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Nokia N9 Rumours


Images of the Nokia N9 were first leaked last week but now some more specs have been posted across the web which allegedly have come from someone in the know.

Still not confirmed by Nokia the N9 is believed to be sporting a 4-inch OLED display, be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and is running MeeGo . Along with these top end features the device is believed to have 512MB of RAM, 1GB of system storage and 64GB of internal memory!

Sound good, looks real good. We will have to wait for some official news from Nokia but luckily we have Nokia World next month here in London and I am planning to pop in and see what is new.


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