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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 84: Welcome home Mr Romance!

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This week Gareth is back in the hot seat with Matt, James and Andy for all the latest happenings. Matt has some dealings with Nokia in an exclusive … treasure hunt. James shares his thoughts on the Blackberry Curve 9300. Gareth defends the Motorola XT720’s looks and Andy tear’s the Blackberry 9105 apart in a fashion reminiscent of the Hulk.

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Matt, James and Andy

Nokia C6 Mega unboxing

Desire HD and Z dates

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300  review

Andy’s rant on Blackberry 9105

X Box games on WP7

Red 9300 from Vodafone exclusive

Motorola XT720 review + Gareth’s first impressions

Sony to bring PSP games to Android

BlackBerry 6 seen on video (non touch screen)

The Dell Blaze

BlackBerry Torch SIM free price   499.99 SMACKERS

Bargain Corner:

Anything? Only seems to be deals on Sims at the moment. Nothing Handsetty – 20% off on many T-Mobile PAYG mobs but that ends at midnight tonight.

Listeners Corner:

Hi ya
First of all i just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing on the MobileTechAddics podcast.
I’m looking to upgrade my phone and am a little torn between phones.
Currently I have an iPhone 3G running iOS4 and boy is it slow.
The main important things in order for me are:
Battery Life (i’m a mid user mainly using data (over wifi 70% of the time) for about 1-2 hours a day. Occasional call and text too.(maybe 1 or 2 a day)
Size – It needs to fit in my pocket and the iphone is about the right size i’m looking to go for.
Play music (mainly podcasts)
A decent web browser and the ability to install apps.
I’m currently thinking of making the switch from the iphone to android.
The phone that’s most impressed me is the HTC desire.
I’m also considering the Samsung Galaxy S.
As people who have used these two and the new iPhone 4 which would you recommend for my use?
My only concern about the Desire/Galaxy S is the battery life(i’m not really sure what it’s like)
Thank you for taking the time to ready my message and if you have any spare time to respond i would be most grateful.
Thank you

Enjoying listening to you guys bicker. My Samsung only accepts on song if my friend sends one by bluetooth. I have to delete it ebfore she can send enother. Why? thanks.


Hey Chris really good to hear you on MTA, I’m probably not alone in saying its one of the best episodes in ages… really helped me work through the wee hours of the morning on my website stuff."


Gareth Myles –
Andy Lee –
James Richardson –
Matt and Tracy Davis – (and James the love child)

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