By August 4, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 82: The one after the one before

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This week we’re a man down but a woman up! Gareth is away for two weeks but regulars Andy, James and Matt are joined by Tracy.

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Regulars: Andy, Matt, James and an appearance by Tracy.

Show Notes

iPhone 4 jailbreak

iPhone 4 security concern

HTC Desire Getting Froyo This Weekend
BlackBerry press event coverage

RIM announces BlackBerry 6

Android FroYo update for HTC Desire has arrived

ZTE Racer unboxing video

Milestone XT720 CPU speed confusion

Vodafone 845 unboxing video

Listener feedback:

Hi folks, I wanted to say that it is a shame Gareth will not be participating this week. I’m upset beyond words. As a result all flags will be flying at half mast across the UK.

Prince Philip and Liz.


I’m really sorry to hear Gareth won’t be on the show for the next two weeks. In protest I’m going to take all my clothes off.


Here are Apple we will be issuing a special edition iPhone 4, platinum plated and with free access to all premium apps and services in memory of this fortnight that Gareth is not on the podcast. It’s badword awful! You badwords better be nice about him or I’ll come over there and rip your bottoms out and beat you to death with them before eating them.

Stevie J.

Dear podcast professionals,

Who’s Gareth?

Love from James Bob.

I currently have the iPhone 3gs, which I hate with a passion. I’m looking for a new phone with a full qwerty, either front facing or slide out, just as long as it has buttons! I was wondering if you could offer any suggestions? I’m looking to spend under £300, but would like something decent.



Gareth Myles –

Andy Lee –

James Richardson –

Matt and Tracy Davis – (and James the love child)

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