By August 4, 2010

The BlackBerry Torch – My thoughts after the press event


You more than likely saw that yesterday I attended a press event in London hosted by RIM to coincide with the event in New York City where RIM and AT&T announced to the world the beautiful BlackBerry Torch, the one we knew as the 9800 Slider.

As I had hands on time with the device I thought I had better give you my first impressions and a few facts.

At present the BlackBerry Torch is exclusive to AT&T in the USA. RIM have told us today that further press releases will be made in the "coming weeks" so at the moment we cannot say if the Torch will have an exclusive carrier here in the UK. I hope not but have a feeling it may well do.


So what did I think of the BlackBerry Torch. It is absolutely awesome. I know I am slightly biased as huge BlackBerry fan but I tried to think of the device as if I were not.  Today was a double whammy as not only did I get to use a new device but also it is packed with the new OS, BlackBerry 6.

Hardware wise the Torch is not the best specced phone around but for someone that wants to use a BlackBerry is has a lot to offer. Want a touch screen, you got it. Want a hardware QWERTY keyboard, you got it.  Palm tried this with the Pre and failed. Now I think RIM have got it right.


The capacitive 3.2 inch screen was pleasantly nice. Gone are the days of a clicking screen. This one behaves just like we are used to seeing on the iPhone or Android devices of late.

The keyboard is much the same as on the current BlackBerry Bold 9700. It did feel a little different to me but I am putting that down to the fact that the Torch feels totally different in the hand compared to the Bold 9700.


Do I see the Torch selling well? I sure do. BlackBerry fans will love the new improved features in BlackBerry 6 such as the webkit browser, new camera, 4gb of internal storage, social feeds, new search option and Wi-Fi syncing of music.


The big question is how soon can we get a BlackBerry Torch to review. Will will have to be patient I think.

We will have some hands on videos arriving on the site over the next 24 hours. Please let us know what you think over on the forum.

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