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HTC Rhyme Accessories – Video

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 15.56.30

We announced the HTC Rhyme earlier this week. You remember, the one for the ladies. You are allowed to buy it if you are a man but you may  not want to go for the Plumb coloured version?

Anyway, HTC have released a short video detailing the accessories that are available for the Rhyme. I was able to get hands on with these accessories earlier in the week and although not my cup of tea I think they will appeal to the ladies. The docking station is superb and I wish all phones had an official one as an optional extra.

The word on the street is that the HTC Rhyme will be hitting UK shores around October 8th sim free. Not long to wait if you are waiting to pick one up.

You can see the video below along with a quick description of the accessories available.

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New Facebook integrated apps


With the changes to Facebook that were announced last night we will also see some big applicators integrating with Timeline.

The below list is the apps that have already partnered with Facebook however I am sure that many other will follow in the coming months.

  • Spotify: As you listen to music on Spotify, your Timeline will populate with your listens, as well as your top albums, playlists and artists.
  • The Guardian: Once you add The Guardian app to your Timeline and turn sharing on, you can broadcast the articles you read to your Timeline. If you decide you do not want to share an article, you can “X” it out from The Guardian app, or remove it from your Timeline through your Activity Log.
  • Deezer: By integrating with Facebook Platform, Deezer has built a social music experience that makes it easy for people to share their taste in music with friends.
  • Myvideo and Dailymotion: Discover new videos based on what your friends are watching so it’s easier to discover great virals and share them with friends.
  • Cinemur: Discover new movies based on what your friends are watching. Friends who connect Cinemur to their Timeline will showcase movies as they watch them, so it’s easier to discover new comedies, documentaries, foreign films and obscure indie films through your friends, and watch them yourself.
  • The Independent: Recently Read allows people on Facebook and on the Independent site to discover the articles their friends are reading,  By opting into the Recently Read Facebook application on any article on The Independent site, articles that people have read will be posted to Facebook for their friends to discover and interact with in real time. People can control what articles become part of their profile directly from the application, and also on Facebook.
  • Mixcloud and Soundcloud: Through Facebook Platform, people can discover new music with their friends, making their online music experience more personal and relevant.
  • Artfinder: People can add their favourite artworks from Artfinder to their Facebook profiles and connect with their friends around art online. People have controls over what and how they Artfinder with their friends – they can turn this functionality off at any time in multiple places on Facebook and on Artfinder.

Are these changes a good thing? Please let us know your thoughts in the forum.


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What’s new with Facebook – a quick overview


Facebook have announced some changes/new features today at their F8 conference. Below you will see a quick summary that has been sent to us from Facebook themselves. If you have not visited the site today i suggest you go and have a look.

  • Timeline – your home on the web
    The Facebook profile has evolved a lot over the last few years – from simple pages to the way you connect and share with friends. Today at f8 we announced a new type of profile – Timeline.
    Timeline is the place you tell your story on the web.
    It is the way you curate and control your identity through the content you share.
    Some life moments are worth more than a status update, such as moving house or getting engaged.  Now you can give that moment more presence on your Timeline, or even add it in retrospectively. Equally – we don’t want everything we do to stay with us forever, so if a photo from two years ago makes you feel a little awkward, you can hide it.
  • Activity log – one place to control what you share
    Your activity log is a list of everything you’re posting on Facebook. Only you can see it. It controls what appears on your Timeline, and who you’re sharing specific things with.
    Activity Log gives you one place you can go to control your identity  – from posts and pictures you’re tagged in, to content you share.

  • The cover – a photo to show who you are
    Your cover is a new space to express yourself on your profile. You can fill it with an image that defines you.

  • A new breed of apps
    We’ve all got familiar with expressing ourselves on Facebook, from liking things to sharing photos, status updates and comments. Now we are enabling people to express themselves even more through apps. Going for a run? Listening to an album?
    Now you can add apps to your timeline so you can let your friends know – meaning your Timeline becomes a more complete story of who you are and what you care about.
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Samsung Wave 578 to support Orange Quick Tap


Orange and Barclaycard today announced the upcoming launch of the second Quick Tap contactless payments enabled handset following their launch of the UK’s first mobile contactless payments service earlier this year. In the coming weeks, consumers will be able to purchase the Samsung Wave 578 with Quick Tap from Orange’s shops, online and via telesales.
The new Samsung Wave 578 with Quick Tap contactless payments will be available in a stylish Black with a sleek, user-friendly design and bright 3.2″ WQVGA TFT screen. It runs on Bada, Samsung’s own operating system, and offers Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS, MicroSD and Bluetooth. The 3G+ handset also features integrated social networking, including Facebook and Twitter, plus a 3.2 mega pixel camera and video recording.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 137: A little ray of light

Web bannerA shorter podcast this week with Gareth, Tracy and Matt. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Orange Monte Carlo and Acer BeTouch E210 are all looked at this week.

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Archos 80 G9 available to order

Archos honey80g9

Looking for a low cost but highly specced Android tablet? Well the Archos 80 G9 could be a contender. Available for only £199 the price is right. Running Android Honeycomb this 8 inch tablet could well be one to watch.

  • 1GHz OMAP4 Dual Core processor
  • 8 inch (4:3) capacitive touchscreen
  • Android Honeycomb 3.2 with Google Mobile Apps Suite including Android Market
  • ARCHOS made multimedia apps for extra format and codec support including H.264 HP support
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and upgradable to 3G via the ARCHOS G9 3G Stick (sold separately)

Order here

Full specs below:


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Posterous’ last hurrah?

`Posterous-logo Simple (cough) blogging service Posterous has relaunched itself for what may well be the last time. Now called Posterous Spaces the the revamped offering has been given a complete redesign.

The old adage "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" clearly holds no truck at Posterous as the UI on the web and both iPhone and Android apps has been completely redesigned to the point of self-destruction.

Far from making the service easier to use for newbie bloggers they have managed to complicate the UI so much even I can’t figure it out, and I’m an experienced user. By comparison Tumblr goes from strength to strength precisely because they keep it simple. Features are removed rather than added. The new Posterous Spaces seems to have been designed by a committee of Word engineers. Ironic since the founders launched the product with the aim of making blogging simple for ordinary folks who only knew how to use email.

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Amazon Android App Store back to the US

b_500_274_16777215_0___images_stories_news_amazon_amazon-android-appstoreYesterday I spent some time trying to get it to work, in the end it just wouldn’t work so I didn’t mention it again. It seemed as though Amazon had finally opened up the App Store for Android to the entire world making many people very happy. However, this was too good to be true to last and Amazon has shut down the service for everyone outside of the US once again.

Whether it was opened up by accident or it was a test run is unknown right now and there is no word from the Amazon camp as to why it was available for everyone for one day. The end result though today is that it is shut down and there is no indication as to when it will open back up for everyone outside of the US to use it.

It is possible they are getting ready for the official launch of the Amazon App Store for Android on a worldwide basis when they announce their tablet plans. It makes sense considering Amazon didn’t officially announce anything about the service becoming available worldwide yesterday so it could have been a test run.

So for those of you who got to use it for a day, we hope you enjoyed it. For those of you who missed out don’t worry, the fact that it was working worldwide is a good sign. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to use it again. You can also just use the workaround to get by the blocking of outside countries if you really want to use the Amazon App Store badly.

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Adobe Enables 3D Games with Flash Player 11, AIR 3


Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 software to enable the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms including Android, Apple iOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms. As the game console for the Web, Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 allow game publishers to instantly deliver console-quality 2D and 3D games over the Internet to nearly all PCs and many other devices. Media companies can take advantage of new features to seamlessly deliver protected feature-length, cinema-quality HD video through the Web, in mobile apps, and even with surround sound for connected TVs. Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 provide a cross-device entertainment platform, enabling the best in online gaming and premium video while helping content publishers to reach the broadest possible audience with highly-leveraged development investments.

Dozens of new features in Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 allow developers to deliver a new class of gaming and premium video experiences, as well as sophisticated, data-driven applications with back-end systems integration across devices, including the iPhone and iPad via AIR. AIR native extensions add support for unique device features and native code libraries, empowering developers to freely choose the right mix of Flash, HTML5 and native code to provide powerful user experiences across PCs and devices. Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 will be publicly available in early October. Flash Builder and Flex, Adobe’s open source framework for building mobile, Web and desktop apps, will offer support for the new features in an upcoming release before the end of the year.

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A BlackBerry secret party


Last night in Central London RIM held a party to promote their new BlackBerry 7 devices as well as the launch of BBM Music. It has been a while since BlackBerry have had a UK party on this scale and what a fun night it was.

There were plenty of celebrities on the guest list. As well as a host of actors and actresses there were musicians galore, most who I didn’t know as I’m not cool and down with the kids! I did get to chat to three of the guys from McFly though. Nice chaps.

The main attraction of the night was Jessie J who performed a fantastic set. She really is amazing live.

It is great to see BlackBerry hosting something of this scale here in the UK. Looking at twitter during the evening the party was clearly a big success. I dread to think how much the bar bill came too!

Nice one RIM. Let’s do it again soon.


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