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Microsoft phones to become interchangeable

MIcrosoft-multi-sllider-all110922162604BGR is reporting a patent filed by Microsoft titled “Mobile Communication Device Having Multiple, Interchangeable Second Devices” was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday. The patent it describes a device that consists of a display and “multiple second devices” that can serve as accessories to the primary screen. We have seen this design executed before: Verizon Wireless launched the LG Versa in 2009 that could be equipped with a game pad accessory, but Microsoft has bigger plans. The patent describes the additional accessories as “more game controllers, batteries, physical keyboards or mobile phone handsets with a display.” Users can detach the devices too, and use wireless communications to interact with the primary display. It is a compelling concept although we aren’t so sure consumers will want to carry multiple accessories at once and could prove costly to replace once misplaced.

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HTC Rhyme Accessories – Video

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 15.56.30

We announced the HTC Rhyme earlier this week. You remember, the one for the ladies. You are allowed to buy it if you are a man but you may  not want to go for the Plumb coloured version?

Anyway, HTC have released a short video detailing the accessories that are available for the Rhyme. I was able to get hands on with these accessories earlier in the week and although not my cup of tea I think they will appeal to the ladies. The docking station is superb and I wish all phones had an official one as an optional extra.

The word on the street is that the HTC Rhyme will be hitting UK shores around October 8th sim free. Not long to wait if you are waiting to pick one up.

You can see the video below along with a quick description of the accessories available.

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New Facebook integrated apps


With the changes to Facebook that were announced last night we will also see some big applicators integrating with Timeline.

The below list is the apps that have already partnered with Facebook however I am sure that many other will follow in the coming months.

  • Spotify: As you listen to music on Spotify, your Timeline will populate with your listens, as well as your top albums, playlists and artists.
  • The Guardian: Once you add The Guardian app to your Timeline and turn sharing on, you can broadcast the articles you read to your Timeline. If you decide you do not want to share an article, you can “X” it out from The Guardian app, or remove it from your Timeline through your Activity Log.
  • Deezer: By integrating with Facebook Platform, Deezer has built a social music experience that makes it easy for people to share their taste in music with friends.
  • Myvideo and Dailymotion: Discover new videos based on what your friends are watching so it’s easier to discover great virals and share them with friends.
  • Cinemur: Discover new movies based on what your friends are watching. Friends who connect Cinemur to their Timeline will showcase movies as they watch them, so it’s easier to discover new comedies, documentaries, foreign films and obscure indie films through your friends, and watch them yourself.
  • The Independent: Recently Read allows people on Facebook and on the Independent site to discover the articles their friends are reading,  By opting into the Recently Read Facebook application on any article on The Independent site, articles that people have read will be posted to Facebook for their friends to discover and interact with in real time. People can control what articles become part of their profile directly from the application, and also on Facebook.
  • Mixcloud and Soundcloud: Through Facebook Platform, people can discover new music with their friends, making their online music experience more personal and relevant.
  • Artfinder: People can add their favourite artworks from Artfinder to their Facebook profiles and connect with their friends around art online. People have controls over what and how they Artfinder with their friends – they can turn this functionality off at any time in multiple places on Facebook and on Artfinder.

Are these changes a good thing? Please let us know your thoughts in the forum.


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