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The T-Mobile parking ticket: full video


We posted a teaser video earlier in the week of a new TV advert T-Mobile have made. The full version is now online with a shorter version being used on UK TV.

Once again T-Mobile have proved they do a sterling job when it comes to adverts.

You can see below what happened when thousands of motorists across Britain, got a surprise they didn’t expect.

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Quick Review: Conqu for BlackBerry PlayBook


Conqu for the Blackberry PlayBook is a to-do list and planning application. I personally use it almost as a calendar replacement and I find it replaces a calendar well.

The layout of Conqu is very basic and easy to use, which is why this app appeals to me. When you open the app you are shown a display that gives you your information you need. You have a multiple pane view, which has become common on Note applications for tablets. On the left pane you have your categories: Inbox, Today, Next, Future, Waiting, Projects and Notifications. On the right pane, you have your selected category’s necessary information, if you select ‘Inbox’, it’ll show your Inbox; if you select ‘Today’, it’ll show you things you need to get done today. In the bottom right hand corner you have four buttons; you have your ‘Archives’ button that allows you to see events you have already checked. Then you have ‘Back Burner’, which shows you all the events you have changed to do at a later time using the ‘Back Burner’ option. You also have deleted items and the option to search through your events. Finally, you have a ‘create a task’ bar to type in a task and the ‘Add task’ button.


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Zombie Highway for iOS – Video


Zombie Highway is another one of those games that you stumble upon and become hooked. Unlike any other game I have played on the iPhone the idea of the game if to drive as far as you can without being destroyed by the Zombies that will jump onto your truck.

You can shoot them off with a selection of weapons or just crush them by slamming into parked vehicles. Fun!

The game is free at the moment so go get it.

You can see a demo video below:


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