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What’s new with Facebook – a quick overview


Facebook have announced some changes/new features today at their F8 conference. Below you will see a quick summary that has been sent to us from Facebook themselves. If you have not visited the site today i suggest you go and have a look.

  • Timeline – your home on the web
    The Facebook profile has evolved a lot over the last few years – from simple pages to the way you connect and share with friends. Today at f8 we announced a new type of profile – Timeline.
    Timeline is the place you tell your story on the web.
    It is the way you curate and control your identity through the content you share.
    Some life moments are worth more than a status update, such as moving house or getting engaged.  Now you can give that moment more presence on your Timeline, or even add it in retrospectively. Equally – we don’t want everything we do to stay with us forever, so if a photo from two years ago makes you feel a little awkward, you can hide it.
  • Activity log – one place to control what you share
    Your activity log is a list of everything you’re posting on Facebook. Only you can see it. It controls what appears on your Timeline, and who you’re sharing specific things with.
    Activity Log gives you one place you can go to control your identity  – from posts and pictures you’re tagged in, to content you share.

  • The cover – a photo to show who you are
    Your cover is a new space to express yourself on your profile. You can fill it with an image that defines you.

  • A new breed of apps
    We’ve all got familiar with expressing ourselves on Facebook, from liking things to sharing photos, status updates and comments. Now we are enabling people to express themselves even more through apps. Going for a run? Listening to an album?
    Now you can add apps to your timeline so you can let your friends know – meaning your Timeline becomes a more complete story of who you are and what you care about.
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Samsung Wave 578 to support Orange Quick Tap


Orange and Barclaycard today announced the upcoming launch of the second Quick Tap contactless payments enabled handset following their launch of the UK’s first mobile contactless payments service earlier this year. In the coming weeks, consumers will be able to purchase the Samsung Wave 578 with Quick Tap from Orange’s shops, online and via telesales.
The new Samsung Wave 578 with Quick Tap contactless payments will be available in a stylish Black with a sleek, user-friendly design and bright 3.2″ WQVGA TFT screen. It runs on Bada, Samsung’s own operating system, and offers Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS, MicroSD and Bluetooth. The 3G+ handset also features integrated social networking, including Facebook and Twitter, plus a 3.2 mega pixel camera and video recording.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 137: A little ray of light

Web bannerA shorter podcast this week with Gareth, Tracy and Matt. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Orange Monte Carlo and Acer BeTouch E210 are all looked at this week.

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