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Pinbook for BlackBerry: Quick Look

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If you like to meet new people via BlackBerry Messenger then I have just the application for you. Pinbook is a social networking app for BlackBerry where you can search for other BlackBerry users that have registered with Pinbook.

Pinbook is currently is in private beta but will be going public soon.

The Pinbook is a brand new BlackBerry application designed to find new BBM friends. Get in touch with 50 million BBM users all over the world and share your thoughts & interests.

Not sure about the person at the other side of the line? Thanks to the built-in chat feature you can introduce yourself without adding a new contact.

Keep an eye on for updates.

More details and screenshots below:

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Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook review


Evernote is the notes application that the Blackberry PlayBook has been waiting for. The notes application that is free, has the ability to add media to notes, has a double-paned layout, has the ability to sync notes to a cloud and most importantly a well known name behind it.

I shall begin with the layout of the Evernote application for the Blackberry PlayBook. Evernote initially requests that you sign in with an account, but if you don’t have one, it lets you sign up. After this process is finished, you are greeted with a rather simple display of greens, blacks and whites. You have two main panes, the left pane is your list of notes in date order and the right pane shows the note that you have selected. In the top left you have the option to create a new note and a button that brings down the option to either look at all notes, select a different Notebook or to look at tags. Also you have a search button if you have a lot of notes and wish to search for a specific one. Finally, on the right of the application main screen, you have a delete button, an edit button (for the current note you have selected) and a refresh button. Also you are given the option to see the note in a bigger preview without having to edit it by clicking on the top arrows just on the top left of the note preview. I like the layout as it is simple to use and the scrolling through the note is very smooth, however, the scrolling through the note titles is not so smooth.

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Mystery BlackBerry caught on video


Various sites have posted pictures over the last week of a BlackBerry that is unknown it is real or a knock off. Rumors have been going around that it is a specially designed device by Porsche but it could well just be a home made shell.

The handset has now been caught on video and as you will see it is clearly based on the Bold 9900 but with a very different keyboard and back cover.

To be honest i think it looks disgusting. It doesn’t even have an optical track pad. Clearly running BlackBerry 7 I don’t think we will see this one in the shops. Thank god!

You can see the video below.

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