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Twitter does it differently

twitter_newbird_boxed_whiteonblue Ever since Google+ emerged, commentators have been trying to work out who is competing with who in the realtime social world. For my money Facebook and Google+ are locking antlers in the identity/ social fight while Twitter has one eye on both in it’s rear view mirror as it happily gets on with developing the news/ information space.

On both Facebook and Google+ it really matters that you are who you say you are. Real identities are at the core of how both companies are monetising or plan to monetise us. Facebook and Google have set themselves up as the arbiters of identity. Twitter on the other hand couldn’t care less who we are. After all, as I’ve always said and, as Kevin Thau Twitter VP for corporate and business development said the other day: "Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information." It’s not for ‘socialising’.

Of course both Facebook and Google+ update in realtime like Twitter, and Facebook’s new Ticker is effectively Facebook’s own Twitter but so what? The whole web is going realtime.

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Vodafone launches reward scheme for pre paid customers


Orange do it with Orange Wednesdays and O2 have Priority Moments. Now Vodafone are giving something back to pre paid customers.

Vodafone Freebee Rewardz will apply to all customers who top up £5 or more and they will receive a voucher code in an SMS. These vouchers can be used with Vodafone partners such as BLOCKBUSTER, confectionist Thorntons and Merlin, the people who do vouchers for the likes of Alton Towers and Thorpe Park theme parks.

Vouchers can also be saved up for future offers and I would imagine more partners will come onboard as time progresses.

“Vodafone Freebee Rewardz is a unique scheme as we’re giving our customers something more than just discounts and customers can take part with whatever pay as you go phone they have,” Vodafone consumer director Srini Gopalan said.

Nice work Vodafone.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing Video

Galaxy Tab Voda

It seems we have been waiting for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for ages. With a market that is now saturated with Tablets can the Galaxy 10.1 get a slice of the Apple pie?

I am not a huge Android fan but my first impressions of the Tab are really positive. It feels great, is lightweight and Android Honeycomb seems much better than when I reviewed the Motorola XOOM some time back.

This particular model has been sent to us by Vodafone who have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in stock if you fancy picking one up. I shall be shipping this one of to Gareth who will do the full review over the next couple of weeks. He is the perfect man for the job as he uses the original Tab on a daily basis. Can he handle this new bigger version?

In the meantime you can see the unboxing video below:


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