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HTC Desire C unboxing and hands on video


HTC once again are in the budget smartphone market but this time with a little beauty.

The HTC Desire C runs Android 4.0 and comes with a price tag of about the £169.99 mark on Pay As You Go. I would imagine that on contract we will see this one at the £10 – £15 per month on a two year deal.

While the Desire C may not have the best specs compared to its brothers in the One Series it is bringing pretty good value to the table. With Sense 4.0 running smoothly, new smartphone users on a budget may well find the Android device of their dreams?

You can see the unboxing and hands on video below:


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Clash of the Titans Part 4: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X – Camera

IMG_0254Now we’re onto one of the biggest features of the two phones and the two tightest areas of competition. Both the One X and SIII are equipped with 8 megapixel cameras, and while that might not be the top end you can buy in terms of pure pixel count, there’s much more to it than that. Both have sensors that are backed up with high quality optics and software to maximize the potential of the images produced to the point where images from both phones will already be some of the best you’ve seen.

But which is better? Read on to find out which one takes the camera crown.

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CoPilot Live reveals free update for v8 customers, free GPS app and Olympic features


Leading sat-nav app CoPilot Live has announced that its CoPilot Live v8 iPhone, iPad & Android customers in Europe can now upgrade to the latest generation CoPilot features for free.

Existing CoPilot Live v8 customers you can unlock turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation features by downloading the recently launched CoPilot GPS app at no cost. By upgrading, you will continue to enjoy unlimited CoPilot Live navigation as before, only better – and with regular app updates in the future. Plus all your existing CoPilot Live Favourites, Recents and Subscriptions will be restored from v8. CoPilot GPS provides latest and greatest navigation features, including alternate routes, drag and drop route editing, and a sleek new user interface designed for the latest smartphones and tablets. For full details on how to upgrade please visit –

· CoPilot GPS is also available for free to new users, providing a  route planning and mapping app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It is currently #1 free nav app in iTunes UK, and #54 of all free apps on iTunes. Key benefits include on-board map browsing and route calculation, along with advanced itinerary optimisation features usually reserved for premium paid navigation apps.

· CoPilot Live GPS is not a replacement for CoPilot Live Premium. CoPilot Live Premium  customers do not need to install the GPS app they already have our latest CoPilot navigation features including 12 Months free ActiveTraffic and Text to Speech voice guidance as standard. Users of CoPilot GPS can upgrade to the Premium version within the app from £24.99 to get full access to all features.

· CoPilot Live has also announced new features that will help drivers avoid anticipated congestion in central London caused by the Olympics this summer. With these features, CoPilot Live will alert drivers if their route involves restricted roads, including those within the Olympic Route Network (ORN), and offer an alternative route if available. Drivers can also choose to completely avoid affected roads altogether.


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Lamborghini getting in on the Android game

Lamborghini-TL700-Luxury-Android-3It would seem that some wealthy folks have more money than sense, because this next story is a real head-scratcher. When thinking of Lamborghini, most people envision a powerful, aggressive and masculine looking exotic sports car careening down winding European roads. That isn’t all they do because of course they are going to "cash in" on the celebrity of their brand name. Lamborghini has decided to jump into the Android smartphone and tablet industry as well. However, you would think that a high-end automobile manufacturer that competes with the likes of Ferrari and Porsche would actually go to the trouble of creating a high-end device, wouldn’t you? You would be mistaken in this instance.

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