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Google Nexus 4 review

Google Nexus 4 reviewThe Nexus range was one of the first instances where software heavyweights enter the market to produce their own hardware to complement that of the traditional manufacturers which has proven to be a popular move ever since the Nexus One. With the Google Nexus 4, Google have collaborated with LG to bring a successor to last year’s popular Galaxy Nexus from Samsung. While that was certainly a great phone it was not without its flaws, and the fourth iteration of the Nexus phone has received some well deserved hype and praise from the media and passionate users.

In fact the combination of a stock Android device with top-notch specs and a heavily publicised launch meant the number of launch customers was grossly underestimated, as Google only had the (modest) numbers of previous Nexus devices to go on. This lead to a huge supply issue; it was almost four months after the first launch before it readily available from the Play Store. It may not sound like too long, but in a market where new devices supersede older ones each year, that’s a good third of the Nexus 4’s lifespan.

So is the Nexus 4 actually worth the wait? Read on to find out.

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Clash of the Titans Finale: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X–Verdict

IMG_0296So here we are – after covering every inch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII both inside and out and then comparing it with HTC’s One X, it’s time for a verdict. These two devices are likely to be the closest top-dog Android competitors this year, as both manufacturers are relying on their respective handsets to take their premium Android sales into 2013. In fact, these two are probably going to end up as two of the most successful smartphones of 2012, and not just in the UK. That is, until the next iPhone hits of course. But there’s a good few months to go before that comes along, and for now these are the hottest devices around.

So which one offers the best overall package for you? Read on to find out.

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Clash of the Titans Part 5: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X–Performance and Battery life

IMG_0252When the next generation of superphones loaded with quad core processors and expansive screens, squeezed into svelte ultrathin bodies, naturally, battery life and power consumption became a concern. Surely faster hardware and smaller bodies means more power draw from smaller batteries? Or would the hardware have to be speed limited in order to get respectable battery lives? Luckily, neither of those fears have been realised, at least with the two turbocharged devices we focus on today – the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X.

Which one manages to last the longest? Which one is the fastest? Read on to see the answers to both those questions.

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Clash of the Titans Part 4: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X – Camera

IMG_0254Now we’re onto one of the biggest features of the two phones and the two tightest areas of competition. Both the One X and SIII are equipped with 8 megapixel cameras, and while that might not be the top end you can buy in terms of pure pixel count, there’s much more to it than that. Both have sensors that are backed up with high quality optics and software to maximize the potential of the images produced to the point where images from both phones will already be some of the best you’ve seen.

But which is better? Read on to find out which one takes the camera crown.

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Clash of the Titans Part 3: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X- Apps and extras

IMG_0250So far we’ve looked at the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X, as well as their respective Android software. For the third part, Samsung’s added value apps will be subject of examination, and whether the One X has got some of its own to match the SIII’s capabilities. The main topics of discussion will be the audio performance and media playback features, and some of Samsung’s homegrown apps such as the much talked about S Voice and more.

See below for more red hot action!

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Clash of the Titans Part 2: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X–Software

IMG_0252The hardware has been covered here, and now it’s time to look more closely at the software. Although both devices run Android 4.0, they each have their own ‘skins’ applied. The SIII runs Samsung’s new TouchWiz, while HTC has the ever present Sense UI, albeit new for the One series. What is interesting is how both of these skins have changed over the past few years. They have gone from being animation-heavy and cutesy-icon laden software tweaks all over the shop, into comparatively light and well thought out tweaks as Android has progressed as an OS.

When comparing, both the SIII and the One X, it is in the software they run where they differ the most, and which one you chose is partly down to how useful and optimised it is, but also personal preference.

So which is best, and which should you choose? Read on to find out what I think.


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Clash of the Titans Part 1: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X – Hardware

sg-siiiThe Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the biggest smartphones of 2012, and for that we’ve decided to do something a little different for the review. Instead of a conventional review, a special device such as this deserves special treatment; the ‘review’ will be a multi-part and in-depth look at both the hardware and the software.

The Galaxy SIII is a cream-of-the-crop superphone, and so naturally it does of course have some direct competition in the form of HTC’s highly acclaimed One X. With very similar hardware at very similar (read: high) price points, they’ll be going head to head for top Android smartphone sales for the rest of 2012 – and we’ll be putting them head to head for this review. Mind you, we’ll still be concentrating mainly on the SIII – there is already plenty of information on the One X on the web, like James’ video review.

So, put the kettle on, pour yourself a cup of tea, and join us for the first part of our long hard look at Samsung’s latest and greatest.


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Pebble E-Paper Watch concept attracts two million dollars of interest

imageYou may or may not have heard of Kickstarter; for those who haven’t, it’s a website where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas on the internet, looking for funding to take those ideas into commercial production. Many successful projects have turned into worldwide hits such as the Lunatik iPod nano watch case, but the Pebble watch threatens to send even that into the background, as it is currently the highest funded project ever by over half a million dollars. Despite setting out for a target of $100,000, they surpassed that in well under 48 hours and are now sitting at a cool two million, still with 35 days to go.

The Pebble watch was born out of Palo Alto, which carries on from their previous product, the inPulse, and is similar to the MOTOACTV or Sony Smart Watch. Of course, the Pebble does the expected smartwatch things – it connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth 2.1, alerting you via the vibrating motor to new texts, email, calls etc.

The Pebble promises two key differences however which drastically improves the practicality of using a smartwatch on a daily basis. The first is the E-Ink display – not only is it very readable in sunlight, it is also super power efficient, allowing a claimed 7+ days of battery life. The second is the open nature of the software – a free SDK allows anyone to develop and distribute their own watch faces and apps for the Pebble such as everything from a simple stopwatch to a GPS powered Golf Rangefinder.

This all sounds mighty exciting to me, and you can join myself and the other 14,383 (and counting) backers and their $2,000,053 (and counting) by pledging cash here in return for a black, white, or red Pebble watch (or a hundred!) due for delivery in September.



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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

DSC00878Instagram’s army of users aren’t the only ones who see value in the popular Instagram app for iOS and Android; Mark Zuckerberg has aptly taken to Facebook to announce Facebook’s purchase of the app. While there are only 6 employees, they’ll be transferring to Facebook for cash and shares in Facebook to the tune of a cool one billion US dollars.

For avid users of Instagram, there’s nothing to worry about just yet – Kevin Systrom, current CEO of Instagram, has said that Facebook will not be the only network to share your photos to. What is likely to happen is for Instagram to integrate to Facebook much more tightly, which sounds good for Facebook users. After hitting 30 million users, Instagram’s growth is only going to get bigger under Facebook’s wing, so whether you love or hate it, chances are you’ll be seeing more Instagrammed photos in your newsfeed.


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Sony Xperia S review

Sony Xperia S reviewSince Sony announced going solo again in the competitive mobile market, they have launched an ‘NXT’ series of smartphones, headed by the Sony Xperia S. This new flagship device for Sony bears typical Sony features, with a unique design, a crisp HD display, and a resolution-bumping 12MP camera. While the specification may not be at the very cutting edge, Sony have a knack for packaging their products to combine design and specification to create a user experience worthy of being called a flagship; just look at the popularity of last years critically acclaimed Xperia Arc. Despite being behind the curve on specs, the overall package won many hearts and this is what Sony are looking for with the Xperia S. While that Arc bore the name of Sony Ericsson, this pure Sony smartphone marks the beginning of a device which unifies their other market offerings, like the PlayStation brand.

So, on their return to fame, have Sony managed to fashion a phone worthy of a slot in your pocket? Read on for the verdict.

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