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Asus, rumours and the Nexus Tablet

Google-Nexus-Tablet-from-ASUSSupposedly, a representative from Asus at Computex told Android Authority that the Nexus tablet we have heard so many rumours about will be coming "by the end of June." Just as a recap here are the previous rumours about the device: It will come with the Tegra 3 chip. It will have a price range between $150-$250 (probably $200). It will achieve this pricing by using the Kai platform. It will be announced at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco at the end of June.
It looks like this supposed confirmation actually at least one of these above rumours. We will have to wait and see if it turns out to be true because "the proof is in the pudding", but luckily we won’t have to wait long. On a separate note, this same Asus representative was able to confirm a couple of other separate Asus-related tidbits. Here’s a quote with some details,


ASUS is in talks with US carriers to bring the Padfone stateside. The bad news is carriers hate it (somehow expected, those tethering fees are basically free money) and, so far, only AT&T is willing to give it a try. Things are going slow on this front, said the ASUS rep.
Moving on, the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) is coming by the end of June in both a WiFi only and an LTE version, which will be picked up by AT&T. We suspected for a while that the Pad Infinity would come on AT&T, based on an appearance that the slate made on FCC. Now we know for sure. We’ve been told that Asus encountered production issues with upstream suppliers, but they are now solved and all the pieces are falling into place for the TF700 launch. The pad will go for $499 but we are not sure if that’s the price of the WiFi-only version or of the LTE version.

Source Android Authority

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Storage Options announce the Scroll Elite and Scroll Engage – Android 4.0 Tablets

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 12.23.38

Storage Options, the UK-based technology brand, has announced two new additions to its 2012 tablet line up and new generation of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices.

The Scroll Elite and Engage have joined the popular and award-winning Scroll tablet portfolio providing a greater variety of features and sizes from which to choose.

As Storage Options’ latest tablets to run on the new Android 4.0 platform, the Scroll Engage and Scroll Elite offer a wide array of new and improved Android OS features. Users of the lightweight and slender aluminium devices will benefit from faster performance and response times across multiple applications.

The Scroll Elite, which is the same size as the hugely popular Scroll Extreme (one of the first Android 4.0 devices available on the UK and Ireland market), boasts a 9.7″ capacitive screen and 16GB of inbuilt memory, expandable to 32GB through a micro SD card. It also boasts the latest IPS (in-plane switching) LCD screen technology which enables the user to enjoy vivid and natural images.

The smaller Scroll Engage has been packed with features and offers a much more portable solution with its 8″ capacitive XGA screen and Cortex A8 1.2GHz, Mali-400 dual core graphics processor. This highly intuitive device supports rich, flash-based content, all major video and eBook formats and even 3D gaming.

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Clash of the Titans Part 3: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X- Apps and extras

IMG_0250So far we’ve looked at the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X, as well as their respective Android software. For the third part, Samsung’s added value apps will be subject of examination, and whether the One X has got some of its own to match the SIII’s capabilities. The main topics of discussion will be the audio performance and media playback features, and some of Samsung’s homegrown apps such as the much talked about S Voice and more.

See below for more red hot action!

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 171: Don’t hold your breath!

Web bannerGareth and James are joined by Vince, a review writer from Tracyandmatt to get his opinions on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X.  The Nokia Lumia 710 and Motorola Motoluxe are both looked at with differing attitudes and James awaits a new service from Blackberry.

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