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Nokia Lumia 710 Review

lumia710 Nokia have been and quite possibly still are one of the most influential manufacturers of mobile phones to date, so when they announced that they were struggling this surprised me a lot, as they were at one time (before Apple’s dominance) the number 1 mobile phone company in the world! But then they announced that were partnering with Microsoft to make Windows Phone their ‘Flagship’ Operating system, I was quite worried for them at this point because of the Windows platform being so young at this point.

Then there was the huge announcement of 2 brand new Nokia Windows Phones! My worry started to fade as what I saw was the Lumia 800 which is their flagship device for the moment and the phone that I have here.the Lumia 710, this basically is just a slightly smaller, thicker, cheaper version of its sibling as it has the same processor and operating system but in cheaper packaging.

How did the little sibling perform during testing?

To find out you will have to read on, but only after you’ve made sure to watch the unboxing video of this lovely little phone.

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