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Clash of the Titans Part 2: Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X–Software

IMG_0252The hardware has been covered here, and now it’s time to look more closely at the software. Although both devices run Android 4.0, they each have their own ‘skins’ applied. The SIII runs Samsung’s new TouchWiz, while HTC has the ever present Sense UI, albeit new for the One series. What is interesting is how both of these skins have changed over the past few years. They have gone from being animation-heavy and cutesy-icon laden software tweaks all over the shop, into comparatively light and well thought out tweaks as Android has progressed as an OS.

When comparing, both the SIII and the One X, it is in the software they run where they differ the most, and which one you chose is partly down to how useful and optimised it is, but also personal preference.

So which is best, and which should you choose? Read on to find out what I think.


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