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Samsung Galaxy SIII unboxing and hands-on video (the pebble blue version)


Thanks to Vodafone we have managed to get our hands on not just any old Samsung Galaxy S3 but the infamous pebble blue one that is currently delayed and not available to buy just yet.

Tipped to be the best Android phone of the year the SGSIII sure has some great specs that may well out do the competition. Its 1.4GHz quad core processor sure makes things speedy and combined with the 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display it it certainly looks like the phone to beat.

Our man Vince will be doing the review over the next week and he will also have with him the HTC One X so expect some comparisons.

Which one will come out on top I wonder.

Stay tuned for the review and in the meantime you can see the unboxing and hands on video below:


Samsung Galaxy S3 unboxing and demo
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Motorola Motoluxe Review

Motorola Motoluxe Review In the past Motorola have released some let’s say ‘interesting’ devices that haven’t necessarily done that well in general. However they have recently announced and released a new smartphone with a whole new look, the product in question is named the Motoluxe, which admittedly isn’t the most attractive name but the question is:

Is the phone more attractive than its name? And is it any good for today’s market?

To find out the answers to those questions and any of your own you will have to read on, and just to note if you haven’t done so already I would take a look at James’s unboxing video for a rundown of specifications and a quick look around the device before you read this review.

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