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Hermes cases?

I had a question this morning from Matt Morris. Matt wondered if I could recommend a case for his M3100.

We know there are a few leather and aluminium cases out there from the likes of Brando but as I haven’t actually seen any of these in real life I can’t say what’s good and what’s not.

Can anyone offer advice?

Secondly, we have heard rumours that the aluminium cases are causing problems with signal strength on some devices. Does anyone have an aluminium case that can tell us what they think?


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MicroSD card competition winners

Our MicroSD card competition is now closed and I am pleased to announce the following winners selected at random:

  • First Prize (1gb MicroSD) – Fabien Peyrot
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Jamie Maynard
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Ken Blum
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Kevin Hung
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Paul Scott
  • Congratulations to the five of you listed above and many thanks to all of you that took part. We had almost 100 correct entries.

    We’ll be running another competition very soon!


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