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Brando Hermes docking/sync cradle

About a week ago I told you about the rather cool looking docking cradle that Brando released. Well now it’s time to review one!

The cradle is of a sleek back design measuring 85 x 36 x 90mm. It’s weighted which means that when you put your device in the dock its really rather sturdy while the rubber feet keep it in place on your desk.

Brando Workshop Sync Cradle

The cradle comes with the required USB cable to plug it into your PC. A blue LED on top indicates when there is power. One thing about the LED is that it’s a bit too bright and slightly distracting. It’s also illuminated whether or not the phone is docked, I would have preferred if the LED was only on to indicate charging but then I suppose there are LED’s on the phone for that.

It took a little getting used to in terms of putting my SPV M3100 in the cradle. To begin with I found it a bit fiddly and it was a bit stiff getting it out again.

It’s a shame that HTC don’t bundle a sync cradle with their newer devices like they did with the Blue Angel. I really miss having something on my desk that holds the phone in the right position and angle. The Brando cradle is angled just right so that it sits nicely next to my monitor on my desk and I can easily see the display and decide whether or not to answer that incoming call!

Brando M3100 Sync Cradle

Brando TyTN Sync Cradle

Personally I think my Orange M3100 looks better in the cradle than the HTC TyTN but both fit equally well – it’s quite snug!

The cradle will fit Dopod CHT9000, Qtek 9600, i-Mate JasJam, O2 XDA Trion, HTC TyTN, HTC Hermes, htc Z, Orange SPV M3100 and T-Mobile MDA vario II devices.

I’m very pleased with the cradle, it works very well for me and for the money, around £12 + p&p, I just can’t fault it.

Go on and treat yourself to one, visit Brando Workshop for more information.


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