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New HTC Models Announced

HTC have just announced 4 new models due for launch in Q4 of this year. The announcement is hardly a surprise but HTC have chosen a strange naming convention. They are as follows:

HTC S620 (HTC Excalibur)

HTC S620 - HTC Excalibur

The HTC S620 smartphone is a break-through form factor for HTC. Super sleek –
just 12.8mm thin and weighing 130g with battery – this device makes light work
of email and document management on the go. It is the first device to feature
HTC’s JOGGR™ touch sensitive navigation bar, ensuring easy access to a
wealth of applications including: Outlook Mobile® via direct Push functionality
available with Windows Mobile 5.0), Word Mobile, Excel® Mobile, PowerPoint®
Mobile and PDF viewer, literally at your fingertips. Combined with a 2.4 inch,
colour, landscape screen and fully integrated QWERY
keyboard this is truly a smart messaging device.

The HTC S620 offers a comprehensive range of
connectivity options: Quad band GPRS/EDGE, WiFiTM and
BluetoothTM. It will be available across Europe from
October 2006.

HTC P3300 (HTC Artemis)

HTC P3300 - HTC Artemis

When it comes to personal navigation, devices don’t come
smarter than the HTC P3300. This is HTC’s first dedicated
navigation PDA with built-in GPS and features the latest TomTom
software, NAVIGATOR 6. The HTC P3300, with NAVIGATOR 6 is the
ideal solution for customers who need their PDA and navigation
device integrated into one personal device. 2D and 3D maps
are easy to install and view using HTC’s RollRTM (Trackball and
Track Wheel) and optimised 2.8 inch sharp colour screen.

Retailing from October 2006, the HTC P3300 will be available with a “taster
pack” of regional maps or as a full version pre-loaded with a complete set of
maps for Western Europe.

HTC P3600 (HTC Trinity)

HTC P3600 - HTC Trinity

The HTC P3600 (aka HTC Trinity) is HTC’s next generation PDA, building on its
successful predecessors the Prophet and Magician. Packed
with technology, the HTC P3600 is the perfect companion for
work and play. Windows Mobile® 5.0 keeps you up to date
with emails, calendar and documents; it features 3G
connectivity and is HSDPA-ready, delivering Worldwide high speed internet connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed.

With serious multi media capabilities and a 2.0 megapixel camera built in, this
feature rich PDA is ideal for messaging, video, pictures and music on the go.

HTC S310 (HTC Oxygen)

HTC S310 - HTC Oxygen

Ideal for business and consumer users the HTC S310 is a
small yet powerful candy bar-style messaging device. It
offers affordable access to Windows Mobile 5.0 and high
specification multimedia functionality. This Quad band
device will be on the shelves from September 2006 in a
range of colours – black, white and grey.

Cant wait to see these in the wild!


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