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HTC TyTN screen alignment

HTC TyTN Alignment Issue

We discussed touchscreen alignment in an earlier post. However, I just saw this thread over at which has a post containing an email from HTC, confirming that there is a known issue with screen alignment on HTC TyTn devices, and setting out the return / repair procedure:

“Good Afternoon,

There are now procedures in place for fixing the screen alignment issue with the TyTN devices. This is a hardware issue that we have identified and we are offering a replacement to owners of affected devices with two conditions.

1: The device must be returned with all accompanying accessories.
Everything that was in the box when you bought the device must be in the box when you return it.

2: The device must be a Genuine HTC Badged device. This means that the device cannot be a Vodafone v1605, an O2 XDA Trion, a T-Mobile Vario II or any other device based on the TyTN, but that is not actually a TyTN. For these devices, you must contact the Network/Reseller for further advice on this issue.

If you meet these two provisions, you may contact your nearest repair centre to arrange the swap. Please place everything back into the original box and arrange to have the device picked up. It will then be tested to confirm that it has the problem, and then it will be swapped for a replacement unit.

If you are unable to return everything, you will be eligible for a repair under the warranty. For this also, you can contact your nearest repair centre to arrange this.”

There have been very few, if any, reports of screen alignment issues on the Orange SPV M3100 and the Vodafone v1605 so the problem may be limited to HTC’s own version of the Hermes. If you have one of these devices and are unlucky enough to be affected by this problem you will have to contact Orange or Vodafone direct to arrange replacement. It will prabably take you half an hour to explain to customer services what screen aligment is and why it’s a problem though!


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