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Hermes headphone modding service

Since posting details on how to modify the headset the ships with the Orange SPV M3100 to make it in to a headphone adapter so that you can use your own standard headphones I have had a fair amount of feedback.

M3100 Headphone Socket Hack

It would seem that a lot of people want an adapter for their headphones but are either unwilling or unable to do this for themselves.

SO, for anyone wanting their headset turned into a headphone adapter like the one above I have decided to offer this as a service.

All you have to do is make contact with me through my contact form and send me your headset. I will then modify it for you and turn it in to an adapter that will allow you to use any standard headphones.

The adapter will be compatible with the Dopod CHT9000, Qtek 9600, i-Mate JasJam, O2 XDA Trion, HTC TyTN, HTC Hermes, htc Z, Orange SPV M3100 and T-Mobile MDA vario II devices. In fact it will be compatible with all HTC Hermes variants as well as STRTRK and Breeze variants.

I’m only offering this service to my readers, all I ask is that you send me your headset and cover the cost of the return postage and the 3.5mm jack socket.

EDIT: Now that Expansys are offering adapters for sale I’m no longer offering the service. Check out this post for details of the commercially available adapter.


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