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SD Card Winners (2)

Further to our announcement about the winners of our SD card Competition we have emailed all of you but have not had a response from everyone to send out their prize. If your name is listed below and you haven’t yet sent me your address please do so ASAP!

  • First Prize (1gb MicroSD) – Fabien Peyrot
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Jamie Maynard
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Ken Blum
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Kevin Hung
  • Runner-Up (512mb MicroSD) – Paul Scott
  • Thanks, and look out for another competition coming soon!


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    Hermes headphone adapter warning

    Several mini USB to 3.5mm jack socket adapters have started to appear for sale on the web and on eBay etc.

    It would appear that these adapters are designed for some other phone or device as it DOES NOT work with the HTC Hermes (M3100, TyTN etc). I got hold of one of these to test. No sound is heard through the headphones and the Hermes internal speaker is not muted.

    Mini USB adapterSPV M3100 USB Adapter

    The reason these adapters do not work is that the utilise a normal mini USB plug. Standard mini USB plugs only have connectors on one side which means that it can only connect to the USB data side of the socket.

    Be careful what you are buying, if it’s a standard mini USB to 3.5mm jack then it’s no good.

    I’m not aware of anyone making a compatible adapter for the Hermes at the moment but if you know otherwise, please let me know!


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