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Treo 750v WM shows up on dslspeedtest

Treo 750v WM phone has shown up in speed tests over at the dslspeedtest.

There have been rumours that the device will or wont come to Cingular.

This, I believe, is one of the first confirmation that an American-centric version is being tested. And, as you can see below, is being tested by Cingular!

“205 0.553s (600k) Palm750/v0000 Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; PPC; 240×320) UP.Link/”


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HTC Hermes USB connector pin config

Have you tried the latest online casino games? If not, today is the best day to play and make real money! I’ve been asked over and over again “what is the pin configuration of the USB connector on the SPV M3100” and what are the “TyTN connector pinout specs”.

Rather than saying “I don’t know” I decided to work it out!

Hermes USB Connector pins

The above diagram is of the EMU plug viewed end-on.

Enhanced Mini USB (EMU) connectors are double sided. One side carry’s the USB signal data while the other carries audio signals. The pin config is as follows.


  • A = GND
  • B = NC
  • C = +DATA
  • D = -DATA
  • E = +5v


  • 1 = +Mic
  • 2 = +Right
  • 3 = Switch
  • 4 = Gnd
  • 5 = Gnd
  • 6 = +Left

You can find Enhanced Mini USB connectors on a variety of devices. The above config covers the USB configuration of the Orange SPV M3100, HTC TyTN, Vodafone v1605, HTC Oxygen devices and HTC Meteor devices and probably many more.

Use at your own risk though, play safe!


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