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Motorola Milestone XT720 finally gets a speed boost

milestone xt

Following the mix up and confusion of the XT720’s processor speed it eventually came out that it was in fact clocked at 550MHz, despite the initial release saying it was 720MHz. Now Moto have come clean with an update that will boost the speed to 720MHz and also bring DLNA support. Yes it’s perhaps not quite as tasty as a dose of Froyo but nevertheless this is good news for the XT720 owners out there.

Here’s the official line from Motorola:

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T-Mobile Desire Getting Froyo, Finally!

google-android-froyo After over a month since the unlocked Desire gets Froyo, HTC Desire owners on T-Mobile are getting some Froyo goodness starting today.

T-Mobile’s support forum said this:

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Three launch new Pay As You Go add-ons


The Three network have announced their new top-up reward scheme for Pay As You Go customers. Now, topping up £10 to £25 would net you 3000 texts, as well as 100 to 300 minutes, and 500MB to 1GB internet allowance. You can also buy Add-ons for specific options such as 3000 texts for a fiver. Bear in mind that these are Add-ons which you’d need to convert after you’ve bought the top-up, either by calling 444 or through the My3 site. Topping up any amount would also net you free Skype, WLM, Twitter and 150MB of internet. These last for 90 days, but the Add-ons would expire after 30, but I think it still represents excellent value!


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Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 handset caught on video

samwp71 With today belonging to HTC and yesterday to Nokia, it seems a little out of place to get excited by Samsung kit, but this video of the Korean innovator’s new GT-i8700 WP7 device is certainly interesting viewing.  With plenty of pinch-to-zoom action, the video is a good 5 (pixellated) minutes of Redmond’s mobile OS on Samsung presumably flagship WP7 phone.  What does it show us?  Well, the word is smooth here, with all actions from zooming to scrolling and app switching to menus all flowing without any hint of stutter.  The tiles look good and the browser is certainly pleasing to see compared to previous mobile IE’s – let’s face it, that doesn’t mean much!  Windows Phone 7 is certainly proving more intriguing by the day.


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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unboxing Video


As you can imagine I was rather excited when I got a phone call today from RIM to say that they had a Torch review unit in at long last. It seems like ages ago that I was at the launch event where we saw the live stream from the States where the Torch 9800 was launched on AT&T.

Now it our turn here in the UK. This is the first slider from RIM and I am reserving my thoughts on its success until I have used the device for a few days. It is kind of weird as I am used to using the Bold 9700 and an iPhone4 but not a combination of full QWERTY and a touch screen on the same device. It is going to take some getting used to.

Check out the unboxing below and keep your eyes peeled for the full review which should be online in the next week or so.

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New HTC Sense Announced with

HTC Logo

Along side the brand new Desires, unveiled the latest version of HTC Sense with a lot of cool features. And according to HTC, Sense is not a UI or an overlay, but rather something else, maybe magical? Running on Android 2.2, the new Sense brings features such as cache data for maps, a digital compass and it cuts down launch time to just 10 seconds! It also brings Lauching next month, is similar to MobileMe for the iPhone, as it enables users of  owners to backup of texts and contacts, locate their lost phone on a map and even remote wipe the Device straight from the website 
See a full list of the new features below:

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Seesmic for Windows Phone 7


Not long to go now until we get an official Windows Phone 7 release date and in the meantime it’s great that we are slowly getting to see more and more of what we can expect once the platform is made public.

The below video is a prime example. Seesmics Twitter client is pretty huge on the Android and BlackBerry platforms and the developers have been working on a version for WP7.

As you will see it looks pretty sweet and totally different to on the existing OS’s.

Check out the video after the break.

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HTC’s Take on WP7, And Oh My, it is Beautiful!

HTC Hub on WP7

If this turns out to be real, I think HTC have got themselves an instant hit. As blog MobilityDigest have managed to grab hold of and post a video of what appears to be a running version of HTC’s implementation of Windows Phone 7. Codenamed, the HTC Portal, it is supposed similar to HTC Sense that is running on it’s Android phones, but not as customised. WP7 still has all the tiles that we are used to, but now we have some new gorgeous eye candy with HTC’s take on it. Such as the versions of the notes app, stocks app and the weather app. One thing I’m kinda confused about though, is the flower petal app. Not really sure why it is there, and pretty pointless in my opinion.

Microsoft has always said from when they announced WP7, that they were going to have tight control over the hardware and software. And ever since HTC was announced as a hardware partner, they’ve tried to customise WP7 heavily. But as you can clearly see, Microsoft has obviously stamped down on that, and limited HTC to the HTC Portal. Even though it may not be as customised as it is on Android, it is certainly prettier.

Anyway, check out the videos below and please excuse me, I need to go change my trousers.

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HTC press conference video

IMG_1620As promised, here you’ll find the full-length, HD version of HTC’s presentation yesterday. It’s a whopper! Over 40 minutes of video covering not only the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z but also the new services.

So to coin a well used podcast phrase, ‘why not sit back, relax and satisfy your cravings’ with the video below!


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By September 16, 2010 Read More → News Ltd are pleased to announce the immediate launch of their brand new website,


Established at the start of 2010 and based in Fareham, Hampshire, has been born out of recognition for a growing need in the marketplace for a specialised and affordable smartphone provider.

Danny Key, Business Development Manager of said

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