By September 18, 2010

Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 handset caught on video

samwp71 With today belonging to HTC and yesterday to Nokia, it seems a little out of place to get excited by Samsung kit, but this video of the Korean innovator’s new GT-i8700 WP7 device is certainly interesting viewing.  With plenty of pinch-to-zoom action, the video is a good 5 (pixellated) minutes of Redmond’s mobile OS on Samsung presumably flagship WP7 phone.  What does it show us?  Well, the word is smooth here, with all actions from zooming to scrolling and app switching to menus all flowing without any hint of stutter.  The tiles look good and the browser is certainly pleasing to see compared to previous mobile IE’s – let’s face it, that doesn’t mean much!  Windows Phone 7 is certainly proving more intriguing by the day.


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