By September 16, 2010

HTC’s Take on WP7, And Oh My, it is Beautiful!

HTC Hub on WP7

If this turns out to be real, I think HTC have got themselves an instant hit. As blog MobilityDigest have managed to grab hold of and post a video of what appears to be a running version of HTC’s implementation of Windows Phone 7. Codenamed, the HTC Portal, it is supposed similar to HTC Sense that is running on it’s Android phones, but not as customised. WP7 still has all the tiles that we are used to, but now we have some new gorgeous eye candy with HTC’s take on it. Such as the versions of the notes app, stocks app and the weather app. One thing I’m kinda confused about though, is the flower petal app. Not really sure why it is there, and pretty pointless in my opinion.

Microsoft has always said from when they announced WP7, that they were going to have tight control over the hardware and software. And ever since HTC was announced as a hardware partner, they’ve tried to customise WP7 heavily. But as you can clearly see, Microsoft has obviously stamped down on that, and limited HTC to the HTC Portal. Even though it may not be as customised as it is on Android, it is certainly prettier.

Anyway, check out the videos below and please excuse me, I need to go change my trousers.






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