By September 17, 2010

New HTC Sense Announced with

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Along side the brand new Desires, unveiled the latest version of HTC Sense with a lot of cool features. And according to HTC, Sense is not a UI or an overlay, but rather something else, maybe magical? Running on Android 2.2, the new Sense brings features such as cache data for maps, a digital compass and it cuts down launch time to just 10 seconds! It also brings Lauching next month, is similar to MobileMe for the iPhone, as it enables users of  owners to backup of texts and contacts, locate their lost phone on a map and even remote wipe the Device straight from the website 
See a full list of the new features below:

  • It now launches in 10 seconds or less!
  • DLNA support is built in to allow content streaming to other DLNA devices.
  • New incoming call screen slides up from the bottom of the screen instead of taking up the entire screen.
  • Maps will now cache data to enable quicker map rendering.
  • A digital compass is utilized to allow the map to orient itself to the direction you are heading.

Here are the features of the new

  • Backups of text messages and call logs to view online
  • The ability to Locate your phone.
  • The ability to remote wipe the device
  • Call forwarding
  • Send map coordinates or trip information to phone


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