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Choose your OS for Venue Pro – Dell to offer WP7 or Android?

Dell-venue-pro In what seems to be a first, Dell are maximising their new Venue Pro phone by offering it in both regular Windows Phone 7 variety and new Android flavour.  Whether this is down to an over production of Venues or the R&D department has been subject to severe cut backs, it’s certainly different to have a choice of operating systems on what looks to be a very attractive handset.  The WP7 flavour is due on November 8th and comes armed with an impressive 4.1″ AMOLED screen with full portrait QWERTY sliding keyboard a la the new Blackberry Torch, plus the requisite 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 5MP camera and 512mb of memory.  Loaded with WP7 it’s impressive – loaded with Froyo or even the ever near Gingerbread, Dell could have another Google-powered winner to join the Streak.

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Devicewire have the HTC Desire HD in stock


We posted last week that Devicewire had the HTC Desire HD in stock and nothing has changed, however they have also told us that they are the only UK retailer that does have the device and this may be the case for the next week or so.

So if you want to get your hands on the Desire HD you had better head on over to devicewire and get your order in.


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Palm Pre 2 Commercial

Palm Roadrunner

It was only a week or two ago that HP and Palm officially announced the Palm Pre 2 and now they have followed it up with a commercial. I’m not sure if this has aired yet and I don’t think we see it here in the UK for a while but as you will see the device and webOS 2.0 looks pretty hot.

Here is what the Palm Pre 2 has to offer:

webOS 2.0 offers consumers compelling application experiences not available on any other platform, while providing developers an unparalleled level of openness to integrate their applications and services. The next generation of webOS makes it easier to get more done:

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FaceVision TouchCam N1 webcam and Revolabs xTag microphone reviews

How do you test a webcam these days? No, that’s not a joke question. It’s a real problem. Same with a microphone – these days, it’s either it works or doesn’t. But the pair of devices I tested is somewhat different to the rest of their herds.

Vision in HD.

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