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HTC Sense online goes live


If you are lucky enough to have pre ordered the HTC Desire HD or Desire Z you will be pleased to know that the online HTC Sense webpage is up and running ready for when you get your new device later this month, hopefully!

Although the web portal is currently restricted to these two new devices we hope that the service will be rolled out to slightly older devices at some point in the near future.

The online service will allow you to manage your phone online as well as track and even wipe everything from it in the event of loss/theft.

Sounds pretty sweet and a big selling tool if you ask me.

Lets hope the devices don’t take too much longer to arrive in stock. We of course will have full reviews of both the Desire HD and the Desire Z as soon as we can.

You can register for HTC Sense online here.

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Orange San Francisco Unboxing Video


I thought that the Orange Samsung Galaxy Apollo was a bargain at £150 but the new San Francisco looks to be a better device and at only £99 it is most likely bargain of the year.

Running Android 2.1 and with a 3.5 inch capacitive screen the San Francisco is going to give the general public a taste of the Android OS without breaking the bank. Sure, its specs are not on par with the latest top of the range Android devices from HTC and Samsung but you must remember that the San Francisco is a quarter of the price and taking that into consideration the specs aren’t that bad.

Check out the unboxing video below and watch out for the full review coming soon. Or if you cant wait, just pop down to your local Orange shop and snap one up.

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