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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 91: 7 is the magic number

Web banner In tonight’s podcast Gareth interrogates James over the Windows Phone 7 event. Andy gets all gushy about his new phone whilst getting angry at the evil doers at T-Mobile and Orange. Matt makes an appearance and informs us of his little work bundler.

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HTC 7 Pro will come to the UK

HTC 7 Pro

We missed out on the HTC 7 Pro at launch here in the UK but it is coming, trust me. The device is rumored for a European launch early next year. At a secret meet up last week where I used all the UK HTC WP7 devices we were told that the HTC 7 Pro would be available to all networks when it arrives here. Could this be a nice sim free solution?

The 7 Pro has some great specs as well as that stunning looking tilting keyboard. We all know that HTC are experts at producing great designs like this. Just look at the HTC Touch Pro 2. That was one of only a few phones to instantly be snapped up by all major American carriers when it launched there.

Anyway, enough of my waffle. See the HTC 7 Pro’s specs and some more photos after the break.


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Samsung Omnia 7 – Hands on video


Samsungs UK offering to WP7 is the Omnia 7. With a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen it has the best display seen today by far. It is however more square looking and feeling than the others but will sell well I suspect.

Like the others it records video in 720P HD but only has a 5MP camera. I say only but its not a bad thing. Samsung produce great cameras and 5MP is more than most people need.


Video after the break along with the spec.

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HTC 7 Mozart – Hands on video


Next up in our Windows Phone 7 video collection is the HTC 7 Mozart.

The Mozart is the smallest of the phones seen today but having a 3.7 inch screen makes it far from small. Combined with a 8mp camera, xenon flash and 720P HD video recording the device is exclusive to Orange here in the UK and there will be some aggressive marketing done to promote it.


You can see the video and a reminder of its specs after the break.

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HTC HD7 – hands on video


Well, yesterday was a busy one at the Windows Phone 7 launch event. Over the next day we will bring you hands on videos with all the UK devices. Lets start with the big one, the HTC HD2. At 4.3 inches it is the largest of the new WP7 family and a real monster. As you will see in the video the OS has nothing unique compared to the other HTC WP7 handsets  but they do have something that the other manufactures do not have, and that is an HTC hub.

Video and specs after the break and due to the reflection no taking the mickey out of my shiny head!

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