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Trick or Tweet – Angry Birds goes Halloween

angry As if to wipe the smug grin off of all those Android owners with their free copies of the world’s premier avian demolition game, Rovio have released Angry Birds Halloween.  It’s still only 59p and even better, the HD version is only £1.19 for us fans of giant iPods (you know, iPads).  The plot remains the same – pigs inexplicably steal eggs, eggs parents become feathered suicidal sling ammo – but the graphics and sounds have all been given a Halloween makeover, including the requisite pumpkins, werewolf howling and green pigs in ghostly sheets.  Even the jolly Angry Birds polka ditty has been giving a spooky makeover, rounding off a very good addition to an already excellent game.  Sling yourselves over here to take a look.

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Nokia N8 unboxing video

Nokia-N8 Nokia recently announced a new wave of handsets and among those announced was the Nokia N8. We’ve finally managed to get our hands on a new N8 to review and I’m starting here, as we always do, with the unboxing video.

The Nokia N8 is the first Symbian3 handset that we’ve looked at so I am looking forward to trying it out, comparing it to earlier versions of Symbian (I’m still using my C6) and also to other handsets that we have in reviewing at the moment. I think this must also be the first Nokia handset to have a built-in, non-user replacable battery. I guess it works for the iPhone but I wonder if this will be a point of contention for Nokia.

The N8 has a fab 12-megapixel camera with a proper xenon flash which is a real boon. Couple that with the capacitive AMOLED touchscreen this could be a winner.

Full review coming up over the next week or two but for now here’s the unbox and a brief demo.

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